Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Watching the sky's first light while the city sleeps

I saw this video over at fourfour and was knocked over by the wave of nostalgia. Why Rich loves/scorns it, I can only guess, but I clearly remember that when this video came out I thought Belinda Carlisle was the most gorgeous creature on earth. OK, I still do. Look at her (especially with Marilyn-inspired eyes)! I don't remember the year (and I'm too tired to look it up), but I'm betting I taped this song off the radio onto a cassette. And probably imitated her self-conscious arm movements while dancing by myself.


bob said...

I love Belinda, coked up or clean.

Um, referring to *her* on being coked up or clean, naturally.

sam said...

still waiting for those ginormous pillow shoulder pads to make their big comeback.

her son is a big mo and he's way cute.

Michael said...


O rly?

She just keeps getting better.

Jeremy said...

The song is from her 1986 album Belinda.

I'm a bit obsessive compulsive today. If there is a full moon tonight, that would explain it. Anyway, I did the same thing recording from the radio and always prayed the stupid dj didn't talk over any of the music and ruin my favorite songs. I probably recorded Sidewalk Talk 15 times before I gave up trying.

You've got a great blog here. :)

landis smithers said...

oh my god i loved this song so much it kills me i taped it i danced like that i may even have the wig.

just sayin.

jason said...

Hmmm....I'll refrain from commenting...but I will agree that she did look good there.

The Other Andrew said...

Hoop earring and a turtleneck also, Landis?