Monday, July 30, 2007

When you wish upon a star

In lieu of an actual post, I'm offering my spot-on horoscope which so captures the Mike-geist that it's eerie. Vaguely eerie, but nevertheless.

Your dilemma is growing bigger. One voice tells you to keep your feet on the ground and stay realistic. The other voice is telling you to trust your instincts, even if you don't understand where they are taking you. These two divergent courses of action are so far apart that you don't even know where to begin. Start from a practical perspective and work your way out to other options slowly. Monday, July 30, 2007
Have I told you that I'm selling my house with no concrete plans about what I'll do when that happens?

Do you ever have those days where all you really need is for someone to come up from behind and wrap his arms around you? He doesn't necessarily have to smell like the new Aveda Grooming Clay, but that wouldn't hurt. Oh, and he might dry hump me with his morning boner if he were so inclined, but that would also be optional.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Look at the faces, listen to the bells, it's hard to believe we need a place called Hell

Right now, as I type this, there's a Jesus-y teen group sitting in a big circle around my neighbor's pool. They are all listening to a CD of some annoyingly soft-voiced guy preach (think Mr. Rogers only younger and smugger) to them about spreading Christ's grace, all this at high volume over the outdoor speakers that dot the yard. I have a strong urge to crank up my own system and play something like "Do You Take It In the Ass?". Or "It's Raining Men". Does this feeling mean it's really true what they say? The gays really are evil? Maybe even possessed? OMG, they've just started group discussion. I can't be sure, but if they start singing Kumbaya, I suspect I may combust.

This house can't sell quickly enough.

ADDED: OMG, you guys, I just went out back to water my hanging basket, and I didn't notice before, but there's a priest back there, too! And I think he totally cruised me. I'd fuck him. At least once anyway, but if he wants a relationship, he'll have to get a better haircut. Looks like he blows that shit dry.

And these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds

I am not an advocate for frequent changes in laws and constitutions, but laws and institutions must go hand in hand with progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and manners and opinions change, with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times. We might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors.
That's Thomas Jefferson. You know, one of those Founding Fathers so often cited when someone is trying to justify NOT changing things from the way they were envisioned a few hundred years ago.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Who will buy? Who would like to sample my supply?

I've been extra busy (and extra quiet) the last few weeks because I've been scurrying, hurrying to get everything ready. And now it's done. It's official. My house, like my love, is for sale.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's as simple as that

Good question, Reverend. John? Barack? Any thoughts? via

Monday, July 16, 2007

Will I walk away from love knowing nothing, wearing my heart between my legs?

Oooh, one of the most delicious bits in my morning iPod rotation right now is Rufus Wainwright's new CD Release the Stars. Love it. True to form, it's very theatrical and ethereal and sometimes really rockin'. So here's the thing. One of my favorite songs on the disk is Between My Legs, not least because of the creamy spoken word bit at the end. Get this. Rufus is auditioning people to GET UP ON STAGE WITH HIM at each tour stop to do that part. You send a video of yourself giving it your best shot, and Rufus et al pick the wiener. Yep. YOU could be on stage performing with a gay icon. You know, just like Jake Gyllenhaal did in San Francisco!

Back in the 80s it was always my dream that Natalie Merchant would pull me on stage to sing Michael Stipe's part of A Campfire Song. Oh yeah, I practiced.
Something is out of reach
Something he wanted
Something is out of reach
He's being taunted
Something is out of reach
That he can' beg or steal nor can he buy

Sunday, July 15, 2007

And I learned how to get along

Man vs. Wild! As Bear Grylls is surviving the Kimberley in the Australian Outback, he notes that the extreme heat and humidity sometimes call for desperate measures. In this case, he decides he'll have to drink his own pee. "I'll drink your pee" popped into my head, as I'm sitting here on my couch. In air conditioning. I know. I'm disgusting.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Burn the land and boil the sea, you can't take the sky from me

To continue that posting about nothing theme, kind readers, I offer you my Serenity Personality Test results:

Your results:
You are Dr. Simon Tam (Ship Medic)

Medicine and physical healing are your game,
but wooing women isn't a strong suit.

Click here to take the Serenity Firefly Personality Test

ADDED: I can't believe I forgot to mention where I saw this! Apologies to the lovelies at Too Much Free Time, where the delightful Freakgirl linked me over to Nathan Fillion's blog. You heard me. Nathan Fillion has a blog! Holy smokes. I had things fluttering where I didn't know things could flutter. Or even that I had things there. PS? In it, he calls himself "Nate" at one point. Just like I do. I could die. I could die!

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance

So I only kinda post up videos and cartoons and stuff now. Huh. I've been in kind of a deep and dark phase for a while. Things are looking up, though. The realtors are descending on Casa ME this week. Finally! If things go well, I'll soon be loosed on the world. If not, things may get even uglier.

Meanwhile, wish me luck and check out this super slo-mo video of a dancer. It's seriously beautiful and had me sitting dumbstruck watching it three times already. Maybe it's my fascination with anatomy and the body, but I think you'll agree it's humanity as art.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Falling slowly, eyes that know me, and I can't go back

I saw Once Friday night. ::melts:: You have to see this movie, kids. I've linked this video of its stars, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, to whet your appetite. It's a key song in the movie and here they sing it live at Sundance. I don't want to oversell this movie because it's actually just lovely and small and quiet, but it's SO romantic and real and moving. I'm right now in love with both the leads. So charming, both. It's a musical of sorts, but not in the "burst into song" way...more like the movie is centered around these songs. I'm not saying it's the best thing I've seen, but there are moments of sublime. Does love come around more than once? And is it more important than life and responsibilities?

If it comes around your parts, go.