Friday, March 31, 2006

I'm just travelin' thru

Hey, may I talk about houses again? Oooh, there is a DREAMY ONE profiled in USA Today. Carrie Burke is an architect in Charlottesville, Virginia and she designed her slick, sleek contemporary house as a sundial, aligning it with the north-south solar axis. It's awesome and so is she. Her family can watch the light travel through the house and you can too, if you check out the video. They have all their furniture on wheels and move things around according to their needs (and to keep the grand piano out of the sun). Seems like a really cool woman. I LOVE her for saying she's happy her daughter, Ava, is growing up "in an instrument this is filled with a natural element." Crunchy? Sure, but it's also tender and lovely. When she watches the sun move it makes her "wonder who's going to be living here in 100 years, watching the sun move."

The sundial in the picture is along the Thames near the Tower Bridge in London. Cool, huh?

Ben, the two of us need look no more

Is it too soon to mine the hotness of QAF for some fooine meat? I thought not. I'm now starting Season 2, so I'm just meeting Mikey's new boyfriend, Ben, played by Robert Gant, my living and breathing wet dream. He may not be everyone's cup of tea/cut of meat, but we men with big square heads need to stick together and I think he is divoon (holla, MG!).ADDED: While we're talking HAWTNESS, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that His Nateness, the tenderest of cuts, is on Oprah today. Fire up the TiVos, girls.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Are you ready for some football?

Aussie rules, that is. So much more user-friendly than its American counterpart, no?

link via Queerty

A chair is still a chair, even when there's no one sitting there

I'll wager that I've spent HOURS at this site. These houses are not even something I aspire to, but I love, love, love to look. Anyone else rubberneck at open houses? There's something about a ski-in/ski-out 8,000 sq. ft. chalet on three levels with mountain views that I just can't drive by. Some of the houses on this site are serious works of art, and others are just serious money for some seriously prime locations. While I love to look at how the other half lives, what I really want is a commune full of houses like this, inhabited by all my fave cyberpeeps. Is that so much to ask?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I wish I was a lesbian then she could be my girlfriend

Folks all over are mourning the final nail being placed in Arrested Development's coffin. I'm weeping and inappropriately clutching the corpse, myself. I'm a BOO HOO mourner. It's quite a spectacle. This little tidbit makes me feel a little better, though. Portia di Rossi, who I find WILDLY hot, finally came out to her 99 y.o. grandmother, who replied:
“I knew you were living with Ellen and all this time I was thinking, I hope that lesbian isn't hitting on my granddaughter!”
link via Queerty

I think you're special, I might let you

I was just taking my twice daily vitamin regimen and it made me wonder if I do more or less than the average Joe/Mary, supplement wise. I've never polled the Pipedreams community before, and this might be a boring topic to start with, but I'm really curious about what you take. I'll go first. I do all these twice daily with food for better absorption:
  • Multi-vitamin/mineral- to cover my dietary deficiencies
  • Glucosamine/Chondroitin- to maintain my joints
  • Kyolic aged garlic- cardio-vascular health
  • Omega-3 fatty acids- c-v health, among other benefits
Does that seem like alot? Do you believe in taking supplements at all? I'm not completely convinced of the benefits of all of them, and I try to get my nutrients from foods as much as possible. I have reached this ripe old age with no need for any prescription meds (damn, did I say that out loud? here come the afflictions), so there's that. I know my boy Andrew (who loves me even when I'm being a prick) is seeing a naturopath, so he must be taking some shit.

Oh, and I usually don't delve into my title lyrics, but that's from I Know What Boys Like by Vitamin C. Get it? ::wink:: Crap song that I can't help but love and I couldn't resist using it here.

I feel the earth move under my feet

So I go on and on about how I need to get things changed, right? There is a lot that entails, personally and professionally. I need to plant a few seeds with my colleagues about making a move, I need to streamline my financial situation, I need to clean up and sell my house, and I need to look at where the fuck I wanna go. I am taking steps (I have a checklist) but what else did I do this weekend? I picked up Berlitz Italian CD's AND a cheap acoustic guitar. Yep, in my time honored tradition of constantly distracting my brain from thoughtful reflection, I am now going to learn Italian AND to play guitar. It's been so long since Psych 101-3. What is that particular mechanism called again?

In my defense, I have a knack for both language and music (but NOT numbers), so won't it be nice if someday, when we're in Florence, I can serenade you with a few tentative notes and whisper dirty nothings in your ear using the local tongue? Maybe I'll just focus on those two things, hook myself up with a sugardaddy, and then I won't have to worry about a new job at all. Although considering my age, "daddy" is gonna have to be 50. At least. Of note: I do come equipped with a modest nest egg and also do come modestly equipped.

You give me the sweetest taboo

It's a new day and things are looking up. Thanks to all y'all for the helping hand yesterday. Oh crap, am I one of those people who would have a crying meltdown on The Amazing Race? I'd need coddling and support and then I'd rediscover the resolve to continue to the pot of gold. Of course by "pot of gold" I mean Phil Keoghan. Anyway, thanks again for helping me make it through the rain (Ahhh, he's another pot of gold, that Barry Manilow....a Yidmo). I'm off this afternoon and I've got a concrete checklist of things I can do TODAY to change my life. No day but today. Yep, things are looking up. Hell, even that raging 'rrhoid that's been plaguing me is better today.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

One more smile I fake and try my best to be glad

Just when I was finally getting Brokeback Mountain out of my system (aren't you proud of me for putting it that way instead of....?), along comes Rufus Wainwright with his video of The Maker Makes from the haunting BBM soundtrack. Love him long time and love the song. You can check out the languid and lovely video here along with Rufus' thoughts on the song.

I know a bit about staying where you don't really belong. I was reminded of it just this morning. I was speaking to this woman at work (she also happens to be my neighbor) when she suggested that all the problems the Catholic church is having fall squarely on the shoulders of letting gays in the priesthood. It's not like I sat there and agreed, but I kept my mouth shut. Aren't you so very proud of me? I left that room and ran into the two receptionists discussing a house fire of a cousin of a friend where the house burned except for the wall where the crucifix was hanging. It gave them chills. Gave me chills too, but not quite in the same way, I'm guessing. It always gives me headshaking pause when people try to find god in rust, driftwood, and their mashed taties. And do you know why I stay? I've come to realize it's a blend of fear and greed. I'm afraid to start over and I'm afraid to be poor again. Again, proud?

PS I never noticed how Rufus and Johnny (see below) share some gay face.

link via towleroad

Monday, March 27, 2006

You'll have a gay old, you'll have a gay old, you'll have a gay old time!

It's just a few months ago that I crushed on Johnny Weir at the Athens Olympics. He was back in international competition this weekend in the World Championships and he was sitting pretty until he flamed out in the free skate. OK, that was fun to write. I never cared much about figure skating before him, but he's just SO OUT THERE, that I can't help but love him. Here, for your viewing pleasure and mine, is a video of Johnny shopping. Enjoy! Thanks to freakgirl for the link.

While I'm on the gay tip, can I share a little story with you? You won't judge me, will you? At least not too harshly. I was working out during lunch today and I opened a locker to stash my stuff and there in the bottom of it was a pair of swim trunks. Not any random trunks, but those of one half of the Snow White/Rose Red (one fair and blonde, the other swarthy dark goodness) hunka brothers that I ogle at my gym. I recognized them because they are distinctive board shorts and also because the pattern has burned itself into my retina from all the staring. So I was sorely tempted to steal them. I know, I know, you're repulsed by me now. It's not like I was gonna get all twisted with them. But I didn't take them. I did put them on my head for a sec and sniffed them, but I left them where I found them.

If you want to buy my wares, follow me and climb the stairs

Remember how I was trying my hand at being an ebay merchant? Well, not so much 'merchant' but I just wanted to sell something to see how it went. The first time I listed the mp3 player, it was removed because I hinted it might come with songs loaded. A no-no. I listed it again this weekend for a 3 day sale. No bids until this morning. It opened at $85 and now it's up to $105 with about eight hours to go. That's $105 I didn't have when it was sitting in the electronic junk drawer in my laundry room, right? It's kinda fun. Yay!

UPDATE: The mp3 player sold for $130. The next round's on me!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

I once was lost, but now am found

Belated MEAT anyone? Daniel Dae Kim gave another memorable/shirtless performance this week on Lost. He was the recipient of a last segment redemption, but with all that broody tightness, I can't be bothered to care if he's good or bad.

Regrets, I've had a few

Does it seem like I love everything I consume? Well, this won't change that perception much. Witness as Mike hearts 4 out of 5 more things:
  • I caught V for Vendetta over the weekend. See it. Especially if you live in the US. Or Australia. Or England. Or anywhere in the Middle East. Or Ireland. See it. Oh, and Natalie Portman is tiny/gorgeous.
  • I also caught a production of Edward Albee's A Delicate Balance. Auspicious start as the guy I met while walking from parking offered me his extra ticket. Then the company director cites Albee as our greatest living playwright. News to me. It was OK. The dialogue was dense and often funny, but nothing much happens. I'm a Philistine, so not in a position to judge, but that works for a good 30 minute sitcom, but at 2.5 hours, it got long for me. You heard me. Too long.
  • I'm currently reading The Line of Beauty. I know, I know, it's SO 2004, but it's GORGEOUS and I'm savoring it. So much goodness on every page. And if some of that goodness includes, within the first 50 pages, some covert man sex in a private park in London, well, so be it.
  • I'm now three pounds from the goal weight I stated three weeks ago, so naturally I was trying on swimwear this morning. Sure, my vacation entails multi-layered and forgiving ski clothes, but in-TEG-ral to a day on the slopes is the apres-ski hot tubbing, people. I'm almost ready to leave a lasting impression. 2.5 more weeks.
  • Are you a sweater guy? Many gays/girls aren't, but despite the colder than normal temps today, I wore a powdery-blue cotton/cashmere v-neck (from the Banana) and it made me happy. Before that, I layered in the running gear and went out for 5.5 miles on the trail. It was beautiful and briskly invogorating and one of those effortless days that sneak up on you, making me feel like a runner again, even though I can't really claim that as my own again yet.

So come and spend some time with me

Will you permit me one more Jamie Cullum post? I mean, it's effectively a Pipedreams requirement that I review all my entertainment consumption, isn't it? Well guys, final placement is TBD, but this show has rocketed into my Top Ten! That's huge enough, but also consider that the bulk of my concert-going was in my twenties. You KNOW those shows benefit from tales enhanced through years of re-telling and the general guilelessness and vigor of youth? This was last week! A few impressions:
  • The venue helped. The Royal Oak Music Theater, in a trendy (read: gay) Detroit 'burb, was tres cool. It's an old theater converted to a concert hall. The conversion? Leave seats in the balcony for those who wanna sit, and tear out all the rest for a huge open expanse for the rest of us. Add three full-service bars and it's a festival, yo.
  • The company helped. I dragged my best friend from way back. You know how when you're with someone from your wasted youth, you tend to act like you did then? Lots of talking, laughing, ogling, mixing and mingling, and drinking. God, I love that guy, even though at least twice he resorted to pulling out pictures of his kids to demonstrate to folks that he and I were not in fact a couple.
  • Jamie rocks my boxers. I had pre-like for his stuff, but he's just amazing LIVE. SO MUCH energy, like you wouldn't believe. Imagine an incredible jazz trio you've heard. Got it? Then add this wee British fellow with a whiskey voice of God who can play the shit out of piano, guitar and drums. He's running and jumping (off the piano) and playing with the crowd all night. There was even a drum line bit where he was bangin' so hard that stick bits went careening into the crowd. So much fun. Long, long, wonderful jazz riffs off his own stuff and his covers of standards. Throw in a cute anecdote when he relates that he performed at Elton John's post-Oscar party: I met Paris Hilton. She wouldn't fuck me. I'm like the only one, right? Then he launched into Rocket Man. Within a few minutes he swings from Elton John to Radiohead, from Cole Porter to Jimi Hendrix. And pulls it off. I'm not usually so into the twinky boy type, but he's just so talented and tiny and tight. Grrrr.
  • Hung out much of the time with a cute twentysomething girl who came over to me and "R" after a tiff with her (seemingly gay) friend. She said we looked like mo' fun, to which "R" reiterated "We're not a couple" to which she replied "But you two are adorable together" (ME charmed) and then baby pictures were displayed, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, later in the show it went something like this: ME: What do you think the encore will be? " All At Sea"? SHE: Oh, you're right, he hasn't played that! You know, that's my ringtone right now! ME: Me, too! SHE: No way! Much hugging ensued.
Really, if you have even an inkling of interest in La Cullum, I'd highly recommend catching his shit. It's bananas. Oh, sorry. Too soon? His last shows in the US, Philadelphia, Boston and New York, are already sold out. He's heading to Asia, Australia and New Zealand before he's back to the US in May. Go. And thank me later.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Like a warm drink it seeps into my soul

I've got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell

I know I've already extolled the virtues of Fitday, but like others have noted, that site now owns my ass. My noticeably smaller ass, if I may. I don't normally obsess over weight, but I am a big homo, so there are certain body issues. I have mostly this site to thank for the focusing my gustatory selections. In less than three weeks I've lost over ten pounds, guys. Those abs I yammer on about? Not such a pipedream anymore. They may be as little as five pounds away. I have some concerns, though. You might find this surprising, but I have a tendency to get a bit obsessive about things. For instance, when I was on Atkin's in the 90's (I'm very early adopter), there was an episode at Midnight Mass on Christmas where I considered palming the holy host cuz, well, unleavened bread is pure carbs, yo.* So I'll have to monitor myself closely to quell any feverish thoughts that threaten to emaciate me. Kwashiorkor is not hawt.

While I'm repetitive with the extolled virtues, I have to praise the neti. Since I've been gettin' neti in the shower every morning (4 weeks), I haven't had a single sinus headache. I'll just say it. Nasal douching is the bomb.

OK, with that, I'm outta here. I'll give my love to the wee Cullum for y'all. Lata.

*Relax Catholics. No holy hosts were harmed during that episode or in the making of this post.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'm-a trouble on the run, a heartbreakin' son of a gun

I'm roadtripping to Detroit tomorrow to see Jamie Cullum, as I've mentioned. Then, it's just three weeks and two days until I head out to the Canadian West to do the things that boys like me do when in the West. Of Canada. And now there is another trip on the horizon for me. Let's back up for a minute, Tarantino-stizz. You know how I've mentioned my casual interest in porn star Gus Mattox (winner of the '06 GayVN Best Performer of the Year award), right? Well after that accolade, and in a nod to Garbo, Gus has decided to go out on top (ahem) and is retiring from porn. His retirement will be short-lived, though, because his alter ego, Tom Judson, will be appearing in the world premiere of Terrence McNally's new play Some Men. The show is in Philadelphia from May 12 through June 11. Maybe a special birthday performance for moi? I'm orbitzing as we speak.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Love is in the air, every sight and every sound

Yes, love is in the air. Well, not for me personally (get serious), but it is the first day of spring here in our lil' corner of the Northern Hemisphere, Earth. It's the equinox, y'all! So color me surprised that we are to awaken in the morning coated with the white stuff.

Speaking of the equinox, it has warmed up here over the last few weeks and I realized that I still haven't trimmed up my honeysuckle bushes. Anyone know if it's too late?

Driving this weekend cemented my notion to move somewhere urban and then give up my car. The world is full of stupid people and they are all driving the interstate highways of the Ohio. At one point I think I had an episode of angina. That's it.

If you ever have the notion that I distract myself with the theater, movies, concerts, the symphony, and television so that I don't stop and reflect, you'd be correct.

Continuing with the 'passage of time' theme, I just saw a guy in my office for the first time in ten years. He looked rough. No, seriously, really rough. So you can imagine/forgive/understand that I derived some comfort from that. Thank you, Neutrogena/Aveda/adequate nutrition, hydration and exercise. Huh. So that's what schadenfreude feels like.

And who'd have thought that entertainment lies in the winter of your discontent

I just bought tickets to see Jamie Cullum on Wednesday night, y'all. Yay! It's going to be a lot of driving as he's in Detroit (Royal Oak Music Theater), and I'll just drive up Wednesday and back for work on Thursday, but I think it'll be worth it. Besides, there's no day but today, and he's out of the country in a few weeks. One of my best friends from college lives up there, so we'll have a few drinks and then hit the venue. I've been listening to Jamie's music since last fall and really enjoying his take on standards as well as his own stuff. His All At Sea is my ringtone, yo, displacing the run of Seasons Of Love. You realize that when I mess with Rent, then I'm serious. If you haven't heard him, check out his steelo.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

You will fly with me tonight

Hey. How you doin'? I like your steelo. Wanna hang wit me, tonight? We'll talk, we'll laugh, we'll play a few games, all the while singing Chiquitita, which I've been doing all evening thanks to Episode 4 of QAF (Season 2). It feels kinda nice in your mouth though, right?
  • Lots of television on Friday, as I openly admit to having Too Much Free Time. PS? If you are always talking about how fucking busy you are, then you are the embodiment of the sixth level of Hell for me. Anyway, as I mentioned, I'm on to the second season of QAF. I'm really enjoying it. I'm not voracious for more like I was with SFU on DVD (final season out next week!), but it's good TV, if for nothing else than the music. Plus, it's a bit of a gay oasis for me, habitue of the queer-parched rural Midwest that I am. Oh, and there's more. I'm loving the start of the new Doctor Who. Will it gross you out to know I'd totally get depraved with Christopher Eccleston? Have you ever seen ears more suited to be handles?
  • After all that solo action on Friday (I treated myself by going "righty" for the evening), I decided to do some family bonding on Saturday. Incidentally, with all this QAF watching, I do feel like I'm not doing my gay part with these weekends. No clubs, no baths, no darkly lit backroom grunting. Shouldn't I at least be mostly watching and kvetching Ted-stizz? Instead of all that, I took my nieces to see Aquamarine. Oh, shutup. It's as bad as you might assume, so I'm all THAT MUCH MORE the great uncle, right? You may 'awww' now.
  • Insomnia has been the order of the week, and last night was no exception. Seems like I've been up FOREVER. Which I kinda have seeing that I went to bed at 1:00A and awoke at 3:30A. I napped briefly, but otherwise I've jammed a lot in today. A lot. ::shifts a bit:: ::you know, to get more comfortable for the rest of the story:: I had all the housework-y stuff done by daybreak, so I got my exercise in as well. I bundled up for a cold and spring-ish 4 miler on the road. I'm starting to reap the benefits of my new eating plan and workout regime. I even did a little shaving to further enhance those benefits. Actually, you should have seen me this morning, standing in my jimjam bottoms in front of the mirror while trimming up my chest and belly. Wait. That's not all. I also had a facial mask on. Think 'olive tapenade' for the color/consistency. Anyway, I'm going on and on, but the rest of the day was Carmen and Carmina, reading, and watching basketball and tennis.
And you?

It's the Diggy Diggy Doc y'all, pumpin' it fresh y'all

Friday, March 17, 2006

Who would like to sample my supply?

This afternoon, I popped my ebay cherry. I feel kinda dirty and by dirty I mean white trashy. The situation is that I have more mp3 playas than I have event horizons to applicate them. That last bit was some fun nonsense, wasn't it? Anyway, normally when I'm faced with superfluous electronic gadgetry my solution is to shove the excess into the back of some drawer. Out of sight somehow assuages my guilt. I've always had a niggling curiosity about "the 'bay", though. So there you have it. I'm an online auctioneer. Of course, if it sells for a dear price, I have that monogramed Nano just sitting in my Apple cart. If it doesn't sell at all, maybe we'll have a lil' Pipedreams giveaway. FYI: Pipedreams giveaways can and will be influenced by the promise of graft to the proprieter.

Once upon a time I used to dress up 'Ken', but now that I'm grown up, I like bigger men

Blogger has been fucking me jailhouse style, people. Now I'm game for an hour or two of that, but three days is a stretch, even for me. I'm plugging along though, and tossing you a cut of meat for Friday. Oh, incidentally, since St. Patrick's Day falls on a Friday during Lent, our Archbishop in Ohio has granted a special dispensation so that Catholics in the greater Cincinnati area can have their corned beef and cabbage today. I'm sure JC approves. It's W he WD. Where was I? Oh yeah. Meat. Aaron Eckhart has a new movie coming out today, Thank You For Smoking, and it's getting great reviews. His head is getting great reviews from me. The face, the hair, the intelligence you can see in his eyes, it all works for me. The movie is not so much about smoking as it is about the tobacco lobby along with lobbyists for alcohol and firearms. The crew in this movie call themselves the MOD Squad, with MOD being their acronym for "Merchants of Death". Sounds like it's a sharply written, funny and thought provoking film. Can't wait to see it, but it'll prolly be a few weeks before it gets here. Aaron, though, I've been loving him long time, at least since Erin Brokovich. Maybe this movie will finally bust him wide open.

I am human and I need to be loved

I just finished the first season of QAF, guys. Wow! How glad am I that I don't have to wait to see what happens? This was my first real exposure to the show, having only seen a few downloaded snippets on the internets previously. "Groundbreaking" gets tossed around a lot, but for the U.S. anyway, it's apt. Brokeback pup tent sex kinda pales by comparison. Honestly, my house is a bit of a fish tank, all windows and french doors, so I had to be conscious of not scandalizing the neighbors by watching this show after dark. I know what you're thinking--pull a blind, Mike! Problem is I'm redoing a few things, preparing my house for sale, so for now I have 4 large bare windows around my fave tv watching spot. Where was I? Oh yeah, the show. I'm really enjoying it. It doesn't take itself too seriously and I don't feel it really depicts typical gay life (except maybe Bodhi's), but it has some wonderful moments. The last episode of the season took me for a ride from the opening scene which gave me the serious RP's, to the rather cringe inducing prom scene where the Face of God sweeps in and the dance floor clears (ouch), to the incredible poignancy of the emotions written all over Brian's face as Mikey rubs his neck in that final scene in the hospital. Brotha Gale acted the shit out of that. And thank you Target for discounting the second season which I already have queued up and ready for the weekend.

Oh, and while I'm talking TV, they are running the new Dr. Who on Sci Fi starting tonight. I've never seen ANY of the other shows ::ducks::, so should I check this one out, if for no other reason than Mr. John Barrowman?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

So meet my at the mission at midnight and we'll divvy up there

I'm fully prepared for someone to take to to task on this one (which I would prefer to you just silently regarding me as a prick). There is a woman in my office right now. I would regard her as fairly stupid. Her health is poor, she has a creepy husband and a good-for-nothing son. She's also incredibly chipper. She's happy all the time. So who's the stupid one?

Take a good look at me now

Whenever I see a show, I share it with you, so in the interest of completeness, I should say that I caught Thoroughly Modern Millie a few weeks ago. I'll grant you that my expectations weren't incredibly high going in, but they were definitely exceeded. They have a great cast in this touring production. The enthusiasm is infectious. The plot is a little thin. An innocent small-town girl overcomes obstacles to triumph in the big city against all odds. Switch a few words and you can use that sentence to shorthand about 50% of musical theater, can't you? And about 100% of Danielle Steele novels. Not that I know the latter from personal experience, I swear! Anyway, the music is jazzy, think Roaring 20's, and it's up to the task of carrying along the somewhat leaden plot. Rags to riches is evergreen though, isn't it?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I've seen the future and it will be, I've seen the future and it works

I tossed off a comment about going to the opera on Sunday, making it sound like I go to the opera. Which I really don't. But I did. I'll just come out and say it. Die Fledermaus is a hoot, yo. After doing a little reading, I guess we have Strauss to thank for the music, but not the comedy so much. Otherwise I was ready to dub him the 19th century's answer to Mel Brooks. I guess this wasn't a typical night at the opera, but it was an exceedingly welcoming toe in the water for me. Hence the lyric in the post title which just happens to come from Prince's Batman, y'all. See how that all came together so nicely?

But thoughts of us kept keeping me awake

If you ever sleep over, here's what you'll see. Kinda minimalist, I know. Grey on grey on white with some splashes of black. Shaker lines to the furniture. I like a muted palette in the boudoir. It provides a nice neutral backdrop for all the wild man trampolining that I'm not doing. SO* not doing. I'm sharing because I just hung that photo over my bed last night. Isn't it dreamy?

*Holla, J.Go!

Open up the dirty window

If you look inside my head I don't know that you'd see cobwebs and glitter, although you'd probably shy away from a few dark corners, and I'm sure the strobe effect would get a bit distracting after a while. You'd also find some of this:
  • I know I've already posted about, but I'm falling ever more madly in love with it. I'm not attesting to its absolute accuracy, but it helps you get a handle on what you're eating. I've never kept a food log before. It's changing me. I've also never been one to weigh myself; I just see how my clothes feel and then eat/exercise accordingly. Over the last eight days I have beentipping the scales though, as part of this program and with a specific goal in mind (namely: hot tub hotness by vacation time). For those regular weighers out there, does your weight fluctuate by pounds from day to day? I've had swings down (which I expected, since I'm really watching food on this) but also up a few pounds and then back down again. NET is what counts I guess and as of today I've lost nine pounds in eight days, and that's with eating, not starving. It's just making more intelligent choices and when you're writing down every last morsel, you tend not to sidle up to the snack trough so readily.
  • I just got back from picking up groceries. I stopped at my little coffee shop on the way home, as I'm wont to do, and the proprietress cornered me by the coffee bar. She had a fix up for me. Apparently this unknown to me woman (yes, you heard me) is gorgeous, successful, and just a few years older than me. She loves the theater and loves to travel. So coffee lady thought of me-- the late thirtysomething theater-going, traveling, tasteful single guy (her red flag is in the shop). Schmuck that I am, I took the number. Just another reason for me to get out of here. If I was somewhere ELSE and acting somewhat REAL, I'd be getting fixed up with GUYS possessing all those qualities, right?
  • Max's latest mix (I linked it, but I'm fairly certain it's no longer available-- like all good things, it's limited and exclusive muthafuckas) is the BOMB, isn't it? I'm working out like a madman lately and this jam is FUELING me. I still laugh every time I hear "I make gold records". No, seriously, every time. I try to work it into casual conversation as well. It's not easy so I force it. Because it amuses me. Every time. While I'm talking music, and although I'm not a big American Idol fan, last night's Stevie Wonder homage has me listening to one of my favorite Stevie tracks, As, from Songs In The Key Of Life (a great album title if ever there was one, no?). Lovely song. The kind where if I had someone, I'd share it with him and then it'd be ours and when we heard it, we'd give each other that look.
  • I don't normally wear glasses. I find them aggravating at work. They slip or get banged around by folks. I wear them evenings and Sunday mornings mostly. Despite that, I have a bit of a thing for them. I bought a new pair recently and wore them to the opera Sunday (more on that later). I ran into an old friend from college and she noticed. SHE: New glasses? ME: Yeah, you like them? SHE: Well, they make a statement. ME: That's OK with me, if it's the right statement. SHE: They say, "I'm a big homo."

Friday, March 10, 2006

My name is Ted and one day I'll be dead, yo, yo

A second helping of meat so soon? Yep, since I was belated last week in what was possibly a guilty throwback to my wasted Catholic youth, you are getting more protein already, only on the ice instead of the plate. Pop culture has been all abuzz with gay cowboys for months now, but let's ramp it up a notch, shall we? How about gay cowboys ON ICE? Enjoy. In my defense (as I feel the attacks are inevitable), I didn't specifically google that phrase. I was only looking for pictures of Canadian skate god David Pelletier after his charming turn as a commentator on Olympic Ice the other week. He's fourth from the left below.I'm off for a haircut....::deep sigh::....and it couldn't have come at a better time. Salon therapy.

I can feel 'em flyin' like a hand out the window in the wind

Thanks to Kyle (via freakgirl), I have a new obsession. It's It's a site where you can log your daily food intake and exercise. It generates reports that show you percentages of protein, carbohydrates and fat in your diet and how much of the RDA's you're meeting for nutrients. It shows you how many calories you're consuming vs. those you're burning. As Kyle suggested in his post, it's been a bit of an eye opener for me. You might not be surprised to learn that, over the years, I've been a bit cavalier about what I put in my mouth. It's only been four days, but this has made me more conscious of my choices. I've been doing OK diet wise, but putting a spotlight on my food intake has highlighted a few problems. Did you know one cup of almonds is over 800 calories? I've been knocking down almonds by the can. I loves me some nuts, so it's been a challenge (maybe I'll just put them in my mouth and roll them around a little), but a structure like this site provides is right up my alley. Maybe too much. I can get obsessive and self-denial can turn into my middle name (I've dropped seven pounds since Monday). Anyway, I think it's a great site for anyone, even if you're not trying to lose weight. It's a cliche' (those are almost ALWAYS true, yo) but you are what you eat, and you'll get a good idea of what you're putting into your temple. What? It's the weekend and you're not gonna let me mix a metaphor?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I rode across that sky and once I touched the gold!

We had a lot of Sasha Cohen and Johnny Weir and Bode Miller, but the best story of the Winter Olympics was Joey Cheeks, right? I seriously love that guy. You heard that he donated the money USOC paid him for his gold medal to Right To Play. Well, through that donation, and the money from his silver medal, and matching corporate funds, he's helped raise over $300,000 for this organization that focuses on helping impoverished children. In his press conference after winning the gold medal, he started by discussing how the money would go specifically to children in a war-torn region of the Sudan. You hear about much larger amounts being donated by celebrities, but here's an amateur athlete that could surely have used the money, but realized the power of the pulpit he held for those few short moments. So cool.

He's kinda hot, too, isn't he? Those thighs own me. If all that wasn't enough, now I'm all charmed by his very own iTunes playlist comments. He loves singing Johnny Cash's If I Were A Carpenter and he makes his girlfriend sing June's part with him. Loves, loves, loves him.UPDATE: Maddie notes in the comments that thanks to La Cheeks' efforts, they've now raised over $500,000 USD.

Cuz everytime he pulls me near, I just wanna cheer

So it was just the first Friday of Lent and it's not sitting well with me that I didn't proffer any meat. If I'm to wear the Abomination banner with pride, I need to represent. Never mind that I was having a petit crisis(more on that later) over the weekend. No excuses. In the midst of the drama playing out in my head, I watched ten episodes of Queer As Folk-Season 1 . In honor of this rather embarrassing admission, the belated visual victuals are boys from that hood. Here are Gale Harold, Hal Sparks and Peter Paige (with Margaret Cho because I couldn't resist including her).Would you believe I never watched this show? Ten episodes, so obviously I enjoyed it. I'm not in deep wuv with it. So, without getting spoilery, will my fondness grow if I consume all the seasons? Also, do you envy me my QAF innocence?ADDED: Add up the title, the pictures and the content and I think this may be my faggiest post ever. And that's saying something.

I want to reach out and pull you to me

Where was I? Not sure. Anyway, I read this morning that Robert De Niro has signed on to star in the screen adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Stardust. Michelle Pfeiffer, Claire Danes and Siena Miller are also on board. I don't often read sci-fi or fantasy, but this is a favorite little book. If you've never read any Neil Gaiman, pick it up and thank me later. He's a genre unto himself. I've passed Stardust around to my friends and everyone has loved it. It's a fable really, and it's been very interesting to see how each person sees it a little differently. Like holding up a mirror. Does that make sense? Oh, forget all that and just read it. It's lovely. His other stuff is good, too, especially Neverwhere, but I have to admit American Gods didn't enthrall me. Otherwise I'd be pushing Anansi Boys to the top of my bedside stack, instead of five deep, where it loiters now.

P.S. Are you usually excited or leery about a movie version of a beloved book? On this one anyway, I'm in the leery camp. One more thing, since I mentioned Claire Danes. When The Family Stone hits video, check it out if you missed it at the theater. It's a great 'home for the holidays' type movie and Claire is LUMINOUS in it.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A big thing or a small, the winner takes it all

OK, OK, if you insist. Here, for your perusal, are my Oscar picks (the ones I loved):

Lead Actor: Joaquin Phoenix. I saw four of the five nominated performances and man were they all phenomenal, but brotha Joaquin laid it down.

Supporting Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal. I know what you're thinking, but I'm being serious. I know Heath has the buzz, but I felt this performance.

Lead Actress: Keira Knightley. I loves me some Judi Dench, period, and Reese Witherspoon as June Carter Cash will charm the shine right off your shoes, but Keira, Miss Knightley if you're nasty, was phenomenal. She acted her face off (and bewitched me, body and soul).

Supporting Actress: Catherine Keener. I only saw two of these performances so I'm going with Cathy Kee as Harper Lee.

Director: Ang Lee. Seriously, put aside all the hoopla and this is an amazingly well done movie from the way it looked to the way it moved to the way it moved you. A bit if genius, I think.

Original Song: Travelin' Thru by Dolly Parton. Duh.

Motion Picture: Brokeback Mountain. I saw all these, save Crash, and I had real love for all of them. I think this is the best crop for the Academy in a while. I also don't think it should be a close race at all.

Feels like I'm all the way back where I come from

You all might make fun of Dayton. Oh wait. That was me. Anyway, tonight we're having a WORLD PREMIERE muthafuckas. Dave Chappelle's Block Party is being shown tonight at the very same theater where yours gayly parked his fine ass to catch Brokeback Mountain. Well, the second time I saw it, anyway. There's a red carpet out and everything and it's all over the news. Right after Chappelle, the biggest news was an image of Jesus and Satan that appeared in a piece of driftwood from some old lady's backyard.I can kinda see Jesus, but for the life of me, I can't see Satan. Seeing as how I'm a sodomite, a man who lies down with men, an abomination, that's kinda ironic, no?

Oh, I never saw blue like that

I've been haunting pet stores lately, even though I CANNOT get a dog. I mentioned my canine bonding session over at freakgirl the other week. I left out the part where I canoodled with a labradoodle. I didn't want to seem like a slut. Well, a total slut. So now I see these pictures and I'm torn between desperately wanting a little puppers to shower with love and desperately wanting a blue pleather couch because damn that looks relaxing, don't it?pictures from the fabulous Cute Overload

Don't you worry, I know there's confusion

Both Max and Charlie (who famously, but not surprisingly, has a little Garland in him)(though I'm thinking more A Star Is Born Judy than Wizard of Oz Judy) have linked to this face recognition website, but I have to chime in, too. It's addictive fun. I've scanned all manner of people through. For some reason my nieces get all Asian results. Here are mine:

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (not as good as John-John, not as bad as Teddy)
Kurt Russell
Paul McCartney
Erykah Badu (OK, I was fresh out of the shower)
Gwen Stefani (This one's a stretch though, like her, and you know where this is going, I'm also not a hollaback girl)