Friday, August 29, 2008

Something is stirring, shifting ground, it's just begun

I've never been more moved or inspired by a political speech. We can't go back.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Let's cut to the chase

ABC is adding these two series to its 2008-09 lineup:

Castle, a comedic crime drama about mystery writer Nick Castle.

Cupid, a romantic dramedy featuring Trevor, a character who might just be a Roman god of love.

Never mind the ridiculousness of "comedic crime drama" and "romantic dramedy," these don't sound particularly appealing as stated, do they? Well, that's because I've left out the four most important words: Nathan, Fillion, Bobby, and Cannavale. Yeah, I'll be tuning in, too.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A chair is just a chair, unless someone is sitting there

I guess there's only so much you can do with a man's clothes, but I have to admit I'm disappointed with the daily videos I've been receiving from GQ Rules (How To Become A Well-Dressed Rebel In 30 Days). I guess I'm only a week in, so it's probably too early to call, but so far we have the following:

1. Wear a suit, don't look like one. Breaking up suits always sounds good, but how many times have you seen it done well? TOUGH to carry off, I think. And it's probably an indictment of my life, but the occasions to even consider it don't seem to pop up.

2. Dress to a T. Where they put a guessed it....with a suit.

3. Put a Lid on It. People who look fabulous in hats x me. That's a Venn diagram with no intersection.

4. Rethink Your Leather Jacket. Buy one with a closer fit, and wear a suit jacket. Lemme guess. Pair it with a t?

5. Get Some Color. This one I love because it's a lesson I have slowly learned over the years, I really enjoy the way Glenn O'Brien mixes his pops of color, and I'm also enamored of his perpetually snarky expression. Did he say his jacket was lined with naked lady?

6. Dress Up Your Denim. Hmmm, wonder how they'll do that? With a suit jacket maybe? Fer chrissake.

7. Wear It On Your Chest. Finally, another one to savor. I'm completely infatuated with Mad Men right now, so pocket squares are pinging my radar. I'm SO wearing one next time I need to wear a suit. Which, you know, Grandma turned 93 last week, so any time. That would be a crisply folded white one, but the colored ones in this video are SMASHING.

8. Go Vest, Young Man. A new week, another "break up your suit" tip. Not sure I can pull this off, but the video is worth it for all the stills of the lovely James McAvoy rocking vests and cocky expressions.

So I guess these are probably good tips, if a little repetitive. It'll be interesting (?) to see how they come up with 22 more "rules."

Where is that damn EJECT button?

I actively avoid talking about politics with clients. Some things I learn. Sometimes, despite all my frantic steering, the conversation ends with a wreck like this:

Dude: Barack Obama is not the man.
Me: O RLY?
Dude: And it's not that....I mean, I'd vote for Colin Powell.
Me: Um. OK.
Dude: Plus, have people already forgotten 9/11?
Me: What do you mean?
Dude: Well, he was mostly raised in the Middle East.
Me: Actually, no, he wasn't.
Dude: Either way, he's still a Muslim.
Me: So you think we'll get rain today?

I feel guilty about it, but sometimes I'm just too tired to go on.

Look, I'm not trying to feel superior to this guy, or even mock his political affiliations. Believe what you want to believe, but if you can't be bothered to get INFORMED, then shut up. Is it too much to ask that you UNDERSTAND why you believe something? It's like, I'm not gonna suddenly start talking about football. Like that.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

That would be perfection

Oh Padma. I won't even insult her with a cliche like "I'd switch sides for her." No need. Even as I stay gayer than a tree full of monkeys, I'd still give my left nut to do her. You heard me. I'd give Esteban. My favorite.

And for those who just can't cotton to a little ON GIRL action, I'll offer the silver and bronze medalists on horizontal bar from last night's apparatus competition in Beijing. Germany's Fabien Hambuechen seems sincere in his congratulations to US gymnast Jonathan Horton, no? Two words: Pocket rockets. (via)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It feels like home to me

I was talking to Mom this weekend, and I mentioned some of the people I'd done my training run with Sunday morning. Specifically, we were discussing a local business owner and the following exchange occurred:

Mom: I'm really surprised he has time for marathon training.
Me: What do you mean?
Mom: Well, he has a very successful business and he's working all the time.
Me: What about me?
Mom: What about you?

Oh, I think you made your point, John

Monday, August 18, 2008

The one about my sister's left tater

Baby sister's mams are in the pink! I figured I should update everyone since you were so thoughtful with the well wishes. B-E-N-I-G-N.

Me: So is it tender? How long is the incision?
She: Not tender. For once I'm glad my boobs are kinda numb. And the incision is right next to the nipple, so it sort of blends in.
Me: So no one will notice?
She: No, Keith*, I don't think all the people who look at my nipples will notice.

*She calls me "Keith."

Saturday, August 16, 2008

There's nothing worse, I'm telling you

Y'all, I've been invited to a Grey Gardens Garden Party! I know. It's all I can do to get anything done since. I'm supposed to WORK when I'm still undecided about my outfit? The party is in October, so I'm leaning toward going as STAUNCH Edie. Seems right for fall, plus I already have the blue bath towel/head scarf, and the gold brooch (natch). Though I don't have that dress, military-style is still around for fall, right? I should be able to pick up something. This is gonna be the shit. S-H-I-T!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Shake, shake, shake...shake, shake, shake...shake your.....

Boy howdy I've been eating a lot this week. Sure, I'm up to about 40 miles/week with the marathon training, so I need to refuel, but it still comes down to CALORIES IN v. CALORIES OUT. LOTS of calories in, my friends. I can feel it around the middle, where I always feel it. Bright side, my arms and legs stay girlishly thin, so I can still get away with a saucy sleeveless summer dress (a few more weeks!), as long as it's not too tailored in the middle. Where was I? Oh yeah, I need to reign myself in a little.

I wonder if mom still has that Vitamaster unit in her basement somewhere? Did you know you can SHAKE the cellulite right off?That brings back memories. I really enjoyed that vibrating belt as a kid, though I didn't fully understand why.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lovely as a summer day

My baby sister, who is the cool, witty, and pretty version of me, and the one I love the most in this world, is having a stressful day today due to medical issues. I don't know if you believe in prayer or positive energy or whatever (I mostly don't), so I hope it's not disingenuous of me to ask you to, ummmm, think of her fondly today. She really is awesome. You'd love her. Totes worth a moment of your time. Much obliged.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I love the smell of chlorine in the morning

Because I accept (but don't understand) that not everyone will love the early 60s smoky environs of Sterling-Cooper, I offer my other current television obsession for your viewing pleasure: the men of Olympic water polo.No, I don't know if they are active members of the American team. Nor do I care.These hale and hearty lads are from Australia.If you've been watching (the underwater cameras!), you know it gets rough in there. And, ahhh, the Greeks, who, by all appearances, are living up to their reputation.All in a day's work.

Somewhere there's a pregnant girl floating in a lake

Has it really been a month? SO much has happened, lambs, but I've been in a blogging funk. There must be some reason, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Would you mind? Putting your finger on it, I mean. Am I Twitterpated, Bambi-stizz, as Landis suggests? I'll mull it over and get back to you. MEANWHILE, you should totes head over to Too Much Free Time and check out my new gig recapping Mad Men. Don't even tell me you're not watching it. Besides being one of the most visually arresting things on television, the writing is fantastic, and the outfits...oh, the outfits. I'm tearing up thinking about the blue dress Joan was wearing this week. If it hadn't taken me so long to accept my own waifish figure, I'd be coveting the hell out of her astounding hourglass shape. Ummm, why are you still here? Get over there, why don't you? Oh, and meet my queen, Miss Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks):