Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Feel how it quivers on the brink

I saw this over at Jake's blog (he's totes adorable and is also running the Chicago marathon this weekend...along with his husband, methinks) and couldn't resist posting it up here, even though this blog is existing on fumes lately.


Mrs. Chaucer's Pirate said...

i like your tree.

Michael said...

Mrs. Pirate! I have been practically AWOL from the blogsphere. You're married! I must go to Mental Excrement for the deets (after I run the Chicago Marathon this weekend).

Mazel! XOXO

landis smithers said...

oh my god. are you still posting?? where the hell have you been?

Bodhi said...

MWAH! Hey Mikey, just wanted to let you know that aside from my photo blog (plenty of hotties), I have only recently started my own somewhat personal blog. No thanx, in part, to the oft nagging from vous, Yani, and The Other Andrew.

You can find it here:

Now that I have computer access again at home (got a new laptop), AND I have you added a link, I will be checking in on you and commenting much more frequently.

Much love sweetie,

Bodhi :-)