Wednesday, September 27, 2006

You'll find he is a whiz of a Wiz, if ever a Wiz there was

There's a wonderful (hee!) interview with Sir Ian McKellan over at AfterElton. You already know he's uber-talented, but he also comes off as smart and funny and sincerely humble. Did I mention "funny"?
AE: Are you pleased about the revival of Bent?
IM: They started rehearsing yesterday. I saw Martin Sherman last night. He's very pleased with his cast. I was also in the company of Sean [Mathias] who directed the film. We both said, “Well, we hope the cast aren't too good!” [Laughs.] Alan Cumming, I think is a tremendous bit of casting. No one can tell Cumming about the seedy side of gay life. He knows as much as any man, I expect. That's very, very helpful for the character. I could never quite convince myself as a hard-drinking, drug-taking man who slept with anything in leather and chains. I think Alan will be able to cope with that very well.

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The Other Andrew said...

Have you ever seen the interview Graham Norton did with Alan Cumming on "The Graham Norton Effect"? I bought the DVDs recently, the interview is HILARIOUS. Alan comes (nyuk nyuk) across as very sweet and very naughty, and tells the most hysterical story about a cockring... plus it seems he and Dame Ian are good friends.