Sunday, July 20, 2008

Meals On Wheels

Feeling peckish? Yes, I understand this was not the safest way to navigate a highway construction zone, but there are few things that say SUMMER (or SEXY) to me more than a hot biker. Maybe two hot bikers? On the same bike! Unnnggggghhhhh. The grail. But this is Ohio, so you're as likely to see that as the actual grail.

PS He laughed when he passed me back. Highlight of a dark day. God, I'm so hard up.


jason said...

I like how he appears just after the crescendo of "Somewhere deep inside."


Beau RN said...

I'm surprised there isn't a "I can't believe it happened to me...when I pulled off at the rest stop along I-75, the biker I was just stalking with my video camera followed me into the bathroom and....beat the hell out of me and left me for a bloody pulp."

I need you to explain the whole video camera in the car thing.

Michael said...

ABBA + hot biker = summer, Jason. I wish I could have caught a bit more video, but, yeah, construction zone.

Beau, rest stop beating....we've all been there, right? The FLIP was in my backpack and it just hit me that I needed to capture the moment. Honest.

I-75! Heh. That was the stretch heading south into the Under Construction Malfunction Junction, which you'll be seeing in a few weeks.

Jefffrey said...

In response to your twittering, yes, Jim Brickman plays for our team.

Michael said...

Thanks, Jeffrey. From the moment he walked onstage, I had a pretty firm grasp on it.

landis smithers said...


the music. the MUSIC KILLS ME!

Michael said...

Landis, ABBA Gold? No?