Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Seems like a great idea, but srsly?

I'm off to Kroger. Have you seen their gift card promotion? If I buy a gift card, they add 10% to the value. You can buy them for $300, $600, or $1200. So, yeah, an instant 10% return on your money is a good deal, but do people really do this? Yes, if you're my parents. They bought a $1200 card and are presently trying to figure out if they can get around the "one/household" limit to buy another one. I didn't inherit that particular gene from them. So much bother! This is why I need a husband with good financial sense. Is that so much to ask? Also, he should cook and smell just right. And be receptive.


jason said...

just curious.
but how should he smell?
And "receptive" means so many things.

sam said...

is it a particular fragrance or is this biochemistry.

Michael said...

You know how he should smell. That "just worked out" smell, or that "fresh out of the shower" smell, or that "hint of cologne that you can't put your finger on" smell, or that "just rolled over and snuggled in on Sunday morning" smell. Right? The smell that makes you want to put your face in his armpit, or your lips on his neck, or his head under your chin when you come up from behind and fold him into your arms. That one. Or something.

Receptive = Open

mrpeenee said...

Oh. I thought you meant smell like grape bubble gum smell.

Michael said...

Does your man smell like that naturally or rub it on?

Ur-spo said...

in my old church, the unoffical ending was
'go in peace
go to Kroger"