Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fly! Be free!

I thought it would be tougher, but I got rid of two containers like this, brimming with books, and it felt good. Instead of collecting dust on my shelves, they'll transport some other folks to interesting times and faraway places. Not that there wasn't a twinge.
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ADDED: I just finished mowing my lawn for the LAST TIME. How do I know it's the last time? Well, I move in nine days, but mostly because I sold my lawn mower and they are picking it up tomorrow. I thought I might be a little sad, but I smiled the whole time while thinking, "Good riddance!" I know there are those who dream of a plot of land, but I dream of a doorman and urban fun right outside my door.


freakgirl said...

We gave away a ton of books as well when we moved. From your photo, it appears we gave them to YOU.

Michael said...

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. ;-)

I still kept too many, but it's a step in the right direction.

yani said...

Oh to be able to rummage through your box... of books that is!

Also... hehehehehehehe re: your and FG's "matching" fifties avatar pics :)

The Other Andrew said...

Yay! You're braver than me, I only gave away the crap books. (BTW - do you share my love for "Skinny Legs And All" by Robbins? J'adore.)

Michael said...

LOVED SLaA, Drew, but I was fairly ruthless in the purge. I mostly kept things I might read again (almost never do that) or books that I looked at and thought, "I MUST give this to so-and-so!"

This move has been enlightening for me, on the whole. I'm realizing that I'm not very attached to things.

Friday I'm having a Moving Sale. People have counseled me to get rent storage space for my stuff, that I may regret getting rid of stuff later, but I'm culling the herd anyway. Probably half my furnishings will be gone. I may live to regret it, but I'm feeling somehow less burdened just at the thought of it.

Yani, if you think what you see is good, you should know the best stuff is at the bottom. ((And I also love when FG avatar and ME avatar have their devil-may-care 50s conversations!))((I stole the concept from her))

willnyc said...

get rid of it all! ALL! so freeing! I've started over maybe 2 or 3 times now and it's an amazing feeling. i'm actually shopping for a smaller apartment so I can have less crap to manage in my life. it's all just stuff, right?
ps - urban fun. heh.