Monday, October 01, 2007

Spread too thin

It's only one week, so it's too early to say that Shonda Rhimes is suffering from David E. Kelley Syndrome, but both Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy were kinda crap, right?


freakgirl said...

I didn't bother watching Private Practice - the spinoff episode they showed last season was horrible. It was exactly like Ally McBeal in its death throes. THE WORST.

Grey's Anatomy was awful as well. I don't know what Sara Ramirez did to Shonda Rhimes, but she probably should apologize.

Speaking of Ally McBeal, I watched Brothers & Sisters last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Michael said...

....I watched Brothers & Sisters last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Yes! I was hoping it would come through because it seems like I've been underwhelmed by almost everything so far.

Private Practice was a MESS, worse than that preview from last season, if that's possible. Every character on Grey's Anatomy was irritating. When did Callie get so dumb and weak? How many times can Meredith and Dempsey break up and fuck? That whole deer thing was just stupid and absurd. Ugh, I shouldn't even have started on this, because there's no end.

Chuck don't let me down!

freakgirl said...

Taye Diggs is the new Ted McGinley - SHOW KILLER.

I am SO OVER Meredith and McDreamy and Gizzie and BLAH BLAH BLAH SHUT UP YOU WHINY STUPID FUCKS.

freakgirl said...

(sorry, I have my period)

Michael said...

No apology needed. I'm not on my period (although I am a little bloated) and I felt the SAME WAY.

The new Ted McGinley. Ha! So we have the David E. Kelley Syndrome AND the Ted McGinley Effect at play here!

samuel said...

sperm NOW!!!!!