Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I got your target right here

Starbucks has an insert in USA Today with a card that's good for a free tall cup of their new daily brew, Pike Place Roast. You can use it every Wednesday from now until May 28. Well worth $.75 for the paper if you hanker for the Starbucks experience.

Speaking of beloved (and hated) brands, Apple kindly suggested that I download their Safari browser along with the iTunes update. Who am I to argue? Maybe it's because I could barely tear myself away from Debby's MacBook AIR the other week (my preccciousssssss), but I'm enjoying the look and feel of Safari. Even more so on my PC with two everlovin' mouse buttons! What are the drawbacks?

I never said I wasn't highly suggestible. Bathe me in your brand, bitches. In fact, my forehead is available for your logo for a nominal fee.


susie said...

Did you read the cover article of last month's Wired magazine about Apple? It was pretty interesting.

We just got a Time Capsule and it's mind-blowingly amazing. I heart Apple. I don't care if they're cocky and pricey. Every little detail of every product makes me bow at the alter of Fine Design.

Michael said...

I didn't read that. What's Wired?

That Time Capsule does look amazing. It's an automatic backup for all your Apple networked stuff, right?

Like I said, I fell hard for Debby's Air once I got past the initial frustration with how things work. It's mostly intuitive once you let the Force flow through you. Plus, it's not a notebook, it's a SLIVER! I want it inside me.

sam said...

Inside you. Yay!

I've been using Safari since iTunes mentioned it to me a week ago. I quickly made it my default thanks to its swiftness - quicker in all ways than Firefox or IE, at least for me - but for me it has a tendency to crash frequently on certain websites (namely Google Reader and B of A).

susie said...

So, don't laugh...but I can't tell if you're kidding or not about Wired.

In any case, you can read the article online: http://www.wired.com/wired/

jason said...

No wonder the irritating woman in front of me today at Starbucks was ordering that.

She totally looked like a USA Today reader.

Michael said...

Sam, me, too. Default. It looks good.

Susie, don't laugh, but I wasn't kidding. I looked it up, though.

Jason, hey! But I read the NYT online. Better?

susie said...

No laughing. I just wasn't sure. (Sometimes it's hard to tell what people mean in writing.)

Wired is mostly not my thing, but if you're into that kind of stuff, it's great, and I enjoy reading it from time to time. Oddly enough -- given its subject matter -- I actually like the magazine better in print. It's well produced -- nice paper, etc., which I appreciate. (Can you tell I'm a print designer? I can't help it. I'm a dinosaur.)