Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Why are you like this?

I know I could just post the link to Rich's place and tell you to watch the video he put up.  Instead I'm copying it here, because I need it inside me, and putting it here is as close as I'll get.  The Wisdom of Angela Chase, lambs.  Clutch your pearls if you got 'em.


Mel said...

OMG, like, that was so much, like, flannel. And, like, so much angst.

And, like, OMG - Jared Leto!

susie said...

I enjoyed this terribly during my bout of insomnia at 4:00 this morning. Then I looked at fourfour's post about it, and it made the video that much more enjoyable. He's dead on with his comparison.

maddie said...

That is like, my favorite show. I just finished watching the series for the like, 100th time. Each time, I hope she chooses Brian, but she goes with Jordan Catalano.

When you put all of those clips together, that's a whole bunch of "like."

landis smithers said...