Tuesday, April 08, 2008

If you've got a blacklist, I wanna be on it

I'm so tired of reading about Focus On The Family's opinion of everything. These people base their lives on some poorly translated Bronze Age text full of myths and legends and I'm supposed to care what they think? Why are all these news organizations clamoring for their opinion anyway? James Dobson can suck my bent dick.

Motherfucker is all NEGATIVE today, isn't he?

Don't lie, you thought it. In my defense, this morning I got an IRS notice that I owe them just under $8000 for 2006. Which I don't, but it's gonna be a pain in my hairy ass making them understand. Again.

Also, I sorely miss (no lie, it hurts) my sister and her kids. They were visiting all last week from Florida, and they left yesterday. My baby sister GETS me. You know? We laughed and laughed. And she doesn't talk all the time. Sigh.


freakgirl said...

What does Focus on the Family have their panties in a knot over today? They can focus on my big fat ass.

I hear you on missing the sis. I didn't get enough time with mine last week.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

When i was in grade school (catholic) there were these two sisters, one in my class, one a year older. Their parents were super involved in the parish, self-righteous bake-sale goodie-two-shoes who taught chatechism classes (that i had to take).

Until both the girls got knocked up and dropped out of school when they were 16. Their parents sort of quietly disappeared after that. My mom always said they spent too much time worrying about other people's kids and not enough time with their own.

You li'l bumper sticker just reminded me of that.

susie said...


Sorry you're feeling sad about your sister. Mine is my best friend, and she GETS me too, so I know what you mean.