Friday, December 29, 2006

Burning lines in the book of our lives

It's a skiing vacation, but we've mellowed over the years ("we" as in "me and the family", and not in the royal sense I usually employ), so you have to have a day off. Yesterday afternoon we did a little lunch and shopping in Vancouver. It's a wonderful city that I'd highly recommend if you've never been. Bring an umbrella. I love a drizzly day ducking into shops, though, don't you? We had lunch at a little kitschy spot on some corner, Sophie's Cosmic Cafe. It's apparently somewhat of a local legend and Sophie's would undoubtedly be adored by my pal, Freakgirl, for the decor alone. Teeny tiny tchotchhke-laden cafe with simple comfort food to die for. I had a salmon steak "burger" with aioli that had both my palate and nethers tingling. And a beer.

I got my shopping jonze satisfied at lululemon. Oh, how I wish I'd never found that joint. Do you know it? Mmmmm, touchy-feely workout clothes on the technical tip? Yes, please. I'm gonna have to finally get serious about yoga, just so I can shop there more. I did the sale rack though, as a responsible post-Christmas credit card hangover victim should. I got out of there with some perfect running tights, not too tight around the family jewels and just snug enough in the leg (their words, not mine). Oh, and a long-sleeve t (with a Nano pocket!) that they swear holds the power to render one's sweat non-stinky. Not necessarily a HUGE selling point for me, that, since my sweat comes redolent with the wood and spice notes of the incense from a Shinto temple. What, you don't believe me? Take a whiff, mister.

All told, a lovely day.


Ur-spo said...

try to see the Musueum of Anthropology at the U of BC

freakgirl said...

That cafe and store look awesome. I must go.

Jen said...

Sounds like a great trip!

Michael said...

ur-spo, I have been there and you're right. The totem poles! Incredible stuff. I still don't post pictures up to Flickr (oh, bother!), but I have some great shots from my visit there last year.

freakgirl, you'd LOVE. I knew it when I saw the menorah festooned with candy canes in the place of candles. Sophie's, that is. The lululemon clothes is really cool. I bought some SOY underpants that are so soft I may not need a boyfriend after all. OK, I didn't mention the underpants before, as I was saving them for their own special post. That good. Also? I have a special photo just for you from the slopes. Hint: it involves a Hiro-looking mofo and his girlfriend's themed snowboard.

Jen, 'tis. ;-)

freakgirl said...


The Other Andrew said...

It's New Year's Eve here in my part of the world, so Happy New Year to you mister sister! Big loves to you.