Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I want muscles all over him

Greetings from lovely Vancouver, BC! So many holiday stories, I'm full to bursting. I kid. Not so much. I travelled all day on Christmas Day, but if you'd like to hear the complete genealogic history of the 85 y.o. retired Filipino Ob/Gyn who flew next to me, I'm SO up to speed.

Christmas Eve was very nice though, the whole day spent with my family. My gifts were a hit, many of them the au courant "it's clothes, but it's for a good cause!" variety. I wasn't sure how my family would react to their presents being simultaneously cottony soft AND assisting those with AIDS in Africa, but they seemed on board. Also a hit were my Giada one-two punch, the Holiday Salad and the Holiday biscotti. It's all about Giada, my brothers, or at least it's all about her boobs. Seriously, you know I'm all gay (OK, mostly) but I'd love few things more than to snuffle my face in there for a few minutes. That's all idle daydreaming, though. A "pipedream", if you will. My parents SHOWERED us all with presents again this year, as is their wont, never mind that the baby of the family is nearing 40. My best present you ask? Cold hard USD. How do they always know JUST what I want? It's simultaneously embarrassing and perfect to receive. You know the feeling?

So yeah, I'm in Vancouver almost two days and I haven't been skiing yet?!? The travel day was extended by about 2.5 hours as, whilst aboard the United plane at the gate in Chicago, they needed to change the tires. Bitches. Then yesterday everyone decided we'd go to Body World 3, that intriguing display of plasticened corpses in various athletic poses. You know it. Well, I went in with low expectations which were exceeded by MOUNDS. Loved it. As a person who's seen a few (dozen) dissected human bodies in his day, I was still blown away by this exhibit. So detailed, so perfectly dissected....amazing. I'd highly recommend it if the show is coming to your town. Fairly graphic and not for the squeamish, but otherwise fab.

OK, gotta go. Finally going up to Whistler where the BASE is over 90 inches. And thinking about it is giving me a boner of at least 9 inches. OK, OK, that's internet inches. Pipedreams, remember?


The Other Andrew said...

Yay! for good times and Christmas celebrations that don't suck dead donkey dong!! Oh, and YAY! for $1,000 USD. Wow, say it with love.

Have a wonderful time and get lots of inches.

Michael said...

It didn't suck, Andrew, but it was very flat. One really tires of feigning enthusiasm eventually, but I do amaze myself with my stamina for that.

RE: the dough re mi, I regret mentioning that but I just think it's cute and kinda sweet that my parents do that. "Here's a check!" Of course, Santa also cleared off most of my Amazon wishlist, so I have a pile of great books now! I'm in the midst of "World War Z" (by Max Brooks, son of Mel, I believe) and it is freaking AWESOME.

As for inches, we both know I'm all talk and those'll be frozen precipitation and not turgid tubesteak, but it's fun to SUGGEST. ;-)

Ur-spo said...

Vancouver is one of my favorite places; and Whistler is awesome!