Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A chair is just a chair, unless someone is sitting there

I guess there's only so much you can do with a man's clothes, but I have to admit I'm disappointed with the daily videos I've been receiving from GQ Rules (How To Become A Well-Dressed Rebel In 30 Days). I guess I'm only a week in, so it's probably too early to call, but so far we have the following:

1. Wear a suit, don't look like one. Breaking up suits always sounds good, but how many times have you seen it done well? TOUGH to carry off, I think. And it's probably an indictment of my life, but the occasions to even consider it don't seem to pop up.

2. Dress to a T. Where they put a guessed it....with a suit.

3. Put a Lid on It. People who look fabulous in hats x me. That's a Venn diagram with no intersection.

4. Rethink Your Leather Jacket. Buy one with a closer fit, and wear a suit jacket. Lemme guess. Pair it with a t?

5. Get Some Color. This one I love because it's a lesson I have slowly learned over the years, I really enjoy the way Glenn O'Brien mixes his pops of color, and I'm also enamored of his perpetually snarky expression. Did he say his jacket was lined with naked lady?

6. Dress Up Your Denim. Hmmm, wonder how they'll do that? With a suit jacket maybe? Fer chrissake.

7. Wear It On Your Chest. Finally, another one to savor. I'm completely infatuated with Mad Men right now, so pocket squares are pinging my radar. I'm SO wearing one next time I need to wear a suit. Which, you know, Grandma turned 93 last week, so any time. That would be a crisply folded white one, but the colored ones in this video are SMASHING.

8. Go Vest, Young Man. A new week, another "break up your suit" tip. Not sure I can pull this off, but the video is worth it for all the stills of the lovely James McAvoy rocking vests and cocky expressions.

So I guess these are probably good tips, if a little repetitive. It'll be interesting (?) to see how they come up with 22 more "rules."


landis smithers said...

you should drop in my new blog.

i won't make you wear a vest.


The Other Andrew said...

Dude, I totally wore a t, a vest, and jeans the other day. If only I'd been let in on the SUIT JACKET secret!

(PS. That comment about your grammie made me laugh out loud. Then I felt like a very bad person.)

Michael said...

LS, I've been meaning to! And now I have...briefly....but I'm already feeling a little "you're gonna make it after all!" ::tosses cap:: Fun!

TOA, and socks you knitted yourself, no doubt. Oh, and don't feel bad, she's not that nice. Or particularly interesting.

jason said...

I think GQ (etc.) are all funded by the nefarious international Suit Cartels.

Fight the Power!

Beau RN said...

This is my thing...because I travel and have to wear suits, I've completely eliminated any color other than gray and I can pack to mix and match at will. I've finally arrived with being OK about this as long as I follow TGunn's "silhouette, proportion, and fit" rule.
But out of a suit, my rule for evolving myself from an ape has been to really bone up on my casual/sportswear look and not leave the house in a t-shirt and trainers unless I'm running. That has taken me pretty far right now. Of course I still can't figure out what lies between jeans and slacks and so some helpful tips on that from you would be much appreciated. Tangerine anything need not be discussed.

Also, the quip about your grandmother made me lose bladder control for just about long enough to have to go home and thanks for that, McLovin.

Ooooh..Landis' new blog. HAWT.

Anonymous said...

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