Saturday, August 16, 2008

There's nothing worse, I'm telling you

Y'all, I've been invited to a Grey Gardens Garden Party! I know. It's all I can do to get anything done since. I'm supposed to WORK when I'm still undecided about my outfit? The party is in October, so I'm leaning toward going as STAUNCH Edie. Seems right for fall, plus I already have the blue bath towel/head scarf, and the gold brooch (natch). Though I don't have that dress, military-style is still around for fall, right? I should be able to pick up something. This is gonna be the shit. S-H-I-T!


jason said...

Oh goodness....I tried to arrange such a thing about 7 years ago, and no one would participate.
I'm *so* jealous of you right now I could just die.

be sure to have the right pumps. It's all about the shoes.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

God, I love Little Edie.

And I love the idea of a Grey Gardens Garden Party.

But I don't love the idea of the Grey Gardens "remake."

freakgirl said...

I wanna go! I can't wait to see your outfit.

Michael said...

Jason, this party was planned for last year, and never came off, so you may be jealous for nothing. Yes, the shoes! I'm thinking a low-heeled pump in bone.

Doc, and with Drew Barrymore? It could be horrible/fantastic.

FG, I actually have the shoulders and neckline for sleeveless. Maybe I should do Sunbathing Edie? That's a lot more shaving, though.

mrpeenee said...

"You have to think of these things"