Thursday, August 28, 2008

Let's cut to the chase

ABC is adding these two series to its 2008-09 lineup:

Castle, a comedic crime drama about mystery writer Nick Castle.

Cupid, a romantic dramedy featuring Trevor, a character who might just be a Roman god of love.

Never mind the ridiculousness of "comedic crime drama" and "romantic dramedy," these don't sound particularly appealing as stated, do they? Well, that's because I've left out the four most important words: Nathan, Fillion, Bobby, and Cannavale. Yeah, I'll be tuning in, too.


Frontier Psychiatrist said...

Who is this "Nathan Fillion," I ask myself.

Eventually I find out he was in the season of Desperate Housewives I stopped watching halfway through, but who cares--the first picture Google pulls up of him is naked and impressive.

Michael said...

Dude, that booty shot is from one of my favorite television series EVAH, Firefly. Also, rent Waitress and fall in love. And you srsly need to watch Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog!

Yeah, that's right, I gushed. I own it.

(Even Fillion isn't enough for me to watch Desperate Housewives. Not trying to sniff disapprovingly or anything. I just don't get it.)

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

Well. This Firefly is now in my Netflix "Queue."

You're right: Desperate Housewives has been bad since the beginning. Bree had her moments in the first season. But it wasn't until the writers strike that I realized it was (by far) the worst show I watched. So I stopped.

susie said...

Mmm...Nathan Fillion...

Meanwhile, no US Open posts? What's wrong, too early in the draw? Did you see Rod Laver in the booth with Johnny Mac? So cute.

The Other Andrew said...

Nathan gets my love, you know we come from the same place re: Firefly, but Bobby, oh Bobby. Le sigh.

sam said...

nathan fillion also played the first adult joey buchanan on One Life To Live, where i may or may not have become his fan over a decade ago.

firefly is an awesome show. really a shame there are only 12 episodes and a (really good) film.