Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hold me closer, Tiny Dancer

 I'm not ready for this shit. It's cold as hell here today. And now with the verchacte snow in October? Yes, that's the view from my backdoor (!) and yes, if you enlarge the picture (!), that's snow (?). It is kinda pretty, I must admit. Makes me wanna stay home and wax my ski. I mean skis. Posted by Picasa


Chaucer's Bitch said...

dude, what happened to our wednesday pie!? I WANT PIE!
(nice pic. my 'rents live in Michigan, and they said there was enough to stick. whee!)

The Other Andrew said...

Dude, it's going to be like 90F here today or something (hottest Spring on record? - talk to Al Gore!).

So come on Down Under, and let this tiny dancer hold you.

Michael Guy said...

Dude, my peter fell off today! WE had snow flurries on the way in to work. WtF? Get ready to snuggle in for the weekend; it's coming your way!

ANDREW: No one likes a "Bragging Brenda."

Michael said...

CB, I spoke with my friends Up North and they had "it". ACCUMULATION. I've been hungry for some PIE as well. Can we have some on a Friday?

Andrew, I just spoke to Al. He said I'll only have to wait ten years until we have your weather here! Ninety sounds divine from where I 3:59am....having not slept since the wind howls outside....and it's 32F....that's the quick conversion to fucking ZERO Celsius.

MG, I know, right? I like Andrew better when he's being "Pass-around Paula".

freakgirl said...

hold me closer, Tony Danza.

Michael said...

I'd put him on the Smells Good list.