Tuesday, October 10, 2006

One season following another

last gasp

Boy howdy did I work out in the lawn and garden over the weekend. And it wasn't a moment too soon as I was incredibly lazy about doing that this summer. Lazy by my standard anyway. I was still puzzlingly, frantically obsessive compared to most, I guess. NO. WEEDS. EVER. We had a gorgeous fall day with temps in the 70s so I mowed and trimmed and pruned (which of those sounds more naughty I'll leave for you to decide) to my anal retentive heart's content, clad in shorts and skinny-t for what may be the last time this season.
Posted by Picasafull bloom (click to enlarge her..she's bitchin')

Do you love this praying mantis as much as I do? For whatever reason, a praying mantis is like a lucky totem for me. Like she's the cricket to my Mulan. OK, OK, I just like to pretend I'm Mulan.


Chaucer's Bitch said...

I like any bitch that eats her mate after copulation. Girl Power!!!

Michael said...

Really. What are they good for after that anyway?

The Other Andrew said...

Man snack, my favourite.

Lovely pics bubelah!

Michael Guy said...

That hibiscus makes my butt twitch. Go figure.

"skinny-T?" Pics, please.

Ur-spo said...

lovely flowers; I so enjoy your garden photos!

maddie said...

Oooh...pretty! I'm so glad I'm moving somewhere where flowers are out year round to look at.

I can handle the mantis, but it just reminds me of the big ole Florida bugs that are going to attack me while I sleep. :shiver: