Monday, July 16, 2007

Will I walk away from love knowing nothing, wearing my heart between my legs?

Oooh, one of the most delicious bits in my morning iPod rotation right now is Rufus Wainwright's new CD Release the Stars. Love it. True to form, it's very theatrical and ethereal and sometimes really rockin'. So here's the thing. One of my favorite songs on the disk is Between My Legs, not least because of the creamy spoken word bit at the end. Get this. Rufus is auditioning people to GET UP ON STAGE WITH HIM at each tour stop to do that part. You send a video of yourself giving it your best shot, and Rufus et al pick the wiener. Yep. YOU could be on stage performing with a gay icon. You know, just like Jake Gyllenhaal did in San Francisco!

Back in the 80s it was always my dream that Natalie Merchant would pull me on stage to sing Michael Stipe's part of A Campfire Song. Oh yeah, I practiced.
Something is out of reach
Something he wanted
Something is out of reach
He's being taunted
Something is out of reach
That he can' beg or steal nor can he buy


The Other Andrew said...

You need to get your rock star on.

freakgirl said...

OMG, the Natalie Merchant/Michael Stipe duet! Every time I saw 10,000 Maniacs within the tri-state area, the same assface guy was in the front row and she pulled him up every time. IT MADE ME SO MAD.

Obviously I am not yet over it.