Tuesday, July 10, 2007

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance

So I only kinda post up videos and cartoons and stuff now. Huh. I've been in kind of a deep and dark phase for a while. Things are looking up, though. The realtors are descending on Casa ME this week. Finally! If things go well, I'll soon be loosed on the world. If not, things may get even uglier.

Meanwhile, wish me luck and check out this super slo-mo video of a dancer. It's seriously beautiful and had me sitting dumbstruck watching it three times already. Maybe it's my fascination with anatomy and the body, but I think you'll agree it's humanity as art.


The Other Andrew said...

Hey sweetcheeks, good news re the casa, I hope it all goes well! Wither then?

Michael said...

I just got out of meeting with a realtor, and I have one more meeting tomorrow, and I hope to have the house listed by Monday. What happens then? Well, yikes. I dunno. Is that crazy? If it sells quick, and for the price they think they can get, I think I'll take a trip. Somewhere. One way?