Monday, February 04, 2008

Bend me, break me, never let me go

I'm giving you a little BLUE STEEL action in my yoga pants as a reminder that I'm gonna start doing yoga a few times a week and I want you to call me out on my shit if I don't. I need to de-stress and I know it will be good for me. Plus, with my predilections, one needs to stay bendy.


The Other Andrew said...

Let's see that downward dog, bitch.

freakgirl said...

You look like a mime doing "stuck in a box."

Why can't you be my neighbor? We could do yoga together.

Michael said...

See! That's what I need. My little general forcing me to do relaxing things.

Freakgirl, then we could do "walking in a really strong wind" after!

Ur-spo said...

i have been practicing yoga for some years now - it is one of the few times when my head is clear and i am at peace.
What sort are you doing? there are many sorts so find out what you are after and see if your class fits this.
good luck.

Michael said...

WHEN I've been doing it, it's been at home. I know I need to take a class. I need to have an instructor to guide me....with a firm hand. The thing is, you know Outer Bumfuck? I live 100 miles southeast of there. My options are limited (in so many ways).