Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Is it God or the Devil in there?

Put his leaden acting and utter lack of screen charisma aside for a moment. You can't argue that Hayden Christensen can take a mean still photo. From his Heat Miser hair to his to-die-for-Prada shirt, I love how he's styled for this cover. Sure, his mien teeters on the precipice of "I knew James Dean...I worked with James Dean....You are no James Dean", but it manages to keep from falling off. For me anyway.

Speaking of Details, I know it's like the spring fashion issue or something, but are there WAY MORE ad pages in this thing now? I pooped three times before I ever made it to the Table of Contents.


jason said...

A mean still photo?

I'll give you that much...

but dead behind the (pretty) eyes I'm afraid.

(I'm still dozing from "Jumper")

Kevin said...

HAHA, Heat Miser hair! So true! I saw the mag and thought, damn, boy! And then I thought, Damn, boy, take acting lessons. Just saw Jumper: Made me want to Jumper off a roof.