Friday, March 21, 2008

All these places had their moments

Greetings from enchanting Vancouver! A few thoughts on my travel day as I begin my week-long sabbatical from the daily grind:

1. Never travel without personal video. I loaded up some movies and tv on my iPod and the five hours from Atlanta to Van were over in a snap. I usually read, which is probably better for me, but when I do that for hours on a plane, I invariably do that head-snapping falling asleep thing, which I think is not so good for me. PS? August Rush makes not a lick of sense, and still I cried. What I should have been crying about is that this movie is so manipulative and dumb, that I felt assaulted after. You should totally watch it.

2. The other item of note from the long flight is that the dude across the aisle was all that is good and right and true in a man. Not classically handsome, and you might not even find him attractive (except for his legs...not one of you has the power to resist his legs), but I wanted to use his body and head as a playground. Anyway, beyond small talk there was not much interaction, except all the smiling as we constantly made eye contact. And he was always standing up to stretch, so when I wasn't looking into his eyes, I was looking at the glorious mounds of his ass. Anyway, that was it. He was so totally out of my league, that I contented myself with dreamy admiration from afar. Funny thing is, we'd barely spoken, but had spent so much time nodding and smiling, that when we ran into each other again at customs, he a native, me a foreign visitor, I winked and waved. He laughed. This kind of sums up much of my life with men.

3. Debby, who's practically my sister, and totally one of my best friends and hag, got the iPod Touch AND the MacBook Air. I hate her sometimes. She also co-owns this 5,000 square foot home nestled in the Garibaldi mountains (Cascade range? I'll have to ask) with stunning views of Howe Sound, where I'm sitting as I type this.Despite my hate, trust that she and I will snuggle up in bed and watch Enchanted at some point.

4. I'm wearing my new glasses, and they are kind of big and plastic and dorky (just like me!). Seriously, I'm thinking of breaking them just so I can masking tape the bridge. I love 'em. Just kind of worried they're not gay enough. They're by Zegna, who I have no clue about.

5. So it looks like a shopping and wandering day today. Fourth Street in Vancouver has some places I love. Sophie's Cosmic Cafe, The Comics Shop, lululemon athletica, LUSH. Oh golly...I just got the tinglesack.

More later, and maybe I'll finally deflower that Flip video camera. Ta!

UPDATE: I was SO excited about taking little videos (see: I've mentioned it 4-5 times), but I just finished unpacking and the FLIP was either lost en route, or it's still sitting on the counter in my kitchen. BLARG.


maddie said...

How exciting! What a gorgeous place! I've always wanted to visit Canada. I hope you have a great time. Shop lots and lots for me!

Oh, I don't know if you were serious about Enchanted, but you mention a movie and here I am. It was absolutely adorable.

Michael said...

It's like you're one of Pavlov's dogs, Maddie, and movies are your bell. And, yes, I was serious about me and my sisterhag snuggling under the covers with snacks and Enchanted. Maybe kiss a little.

So have you seen August Rush? Robin Williams is, you'll not be surprised, horrible in it. I'll probably watch it again.

maddie said...

I have not seen August Rush yet - it's on my list. Absolutely NOT shocking that Robin Williams is bad in it. I haven't liked him in anything really before or since Good Will Hunting. I want to see August Rush purely for Keri Russell and Jonathan Rhys-Myers.

I ment to ask you - how are you enjoying Torchwood?

jason said...

No pictures?

at least of those glorious mounds of ass?

The Other Andrew said...

Cherie, holidaying agrees with you. What a fun post! (Ok, except for the camera footnote which makes me want to slap you a little. For your own instruction, mind.)

I guffawed at the "use his face and body as a playground" line. Guffawed I say! I heart you.

August Rush? Death first.

Keep on having fun so that we can live vicariously.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

New Zegna glasses, huge vacation home, MacBook Air--I'm very impressed with your glamorous vacation.

freakgirl said...

Andrew said it - "August Rush? Death first."

However, "Enchanted?" Right on. I just bought it to watch with my nieces next weekend in Florida and it's tough not to rip it open and watch right now!

You totally forgot that Flip on purpose. You TEASE.

sam said...

i'm with FG. got us all worked up and then took the sugar away.


Mel said...

Zegna? Very Euro-gay. And very much beyond our budget.

I need to visit Van again. It's been too long.

Michael said...

First, to all you hatas out there, I FOUND the FLIP. Videos to come. Although, I suddenly got stage fright when it came to narration, so please to find my awkwardness endearing.

Maddie, that's what I thought about August Rush. I love Keri and JR-M so hard that I figured they could overcome the maudlin. Not so much. ((But see it!))

Jason, I didn't bring a still camera, and I couldn't very well whip out the FLIP and video him. But thinking on it now, why the hell not?

Andrew, my sweet! I know. Is it the real me coming out? Or just that this place and these people bliss me the fuck out?

Doc, you're my fashion sensei. Does that mean Zegna=good? As for the MacBook AIR and the vacation home, I'm just the sexually ambiguous, goyboy guest.

FG, Florida! Can you even wait? We picked up Enchanted on our shopping excursion today, which also included comics store, candy store, LUSH and lululemon, and the best effin' Indian food I've ever had for lunch. No seriously, it was so good I HOPE it repeats on me.

Sam, too much pressure! But I'll do some editing and post something up shortly. So that you can all think, "He sounds gayer than in my head."

Mel, the glasses weren't THAT much.



Ur-spo said...

lucky man to be in Vancouver area.
It remains one of my favorite areas. I hope you have a good time.

freakgirl said...

Next time you stop by lululemon, pick me up a sports bra and a cute biking outfit, okthx.

Michael said...

Thanks, ur-spo. 'Tis gorgeous.

Freakgirl, I actually fondled a few sports bras and thought of you. Then I thought of you again when we went into a store that was just rainboots and umbrellas. They had they skull boots that both my Debs own. I shot a few seconds of video in there, too.

The Other Andrew said...

Yay, you're back!