Wednesday, March 12, 2008

To bust my body up, to drink out of your cup

I'm starting two-a-days today. I've been lax in my workouts this winter, and next week I'm heading out West to ski. Don't get me wrong, I'll be fine skiing, but I want to feel comfortable in my clothes for the apres stuff. And then there's the hot tubbing. That's PRIVATE hot tubbing with known accomplices only, natch. I don't cotton to some stranger's groin particles floating up to and around my face/mouth. So, yeah, I'm still going to eat enough and healthily but I'm working out twice/day until next Thursday. That means weights and running today. Yoga and running tomorrow. That's as far as I've gotten. (Gotten?)

Carry on.

Oh, and the fair Chaucer's Bitch has tagged me for some meme-y nonsense, for which I'm always game! I'm to grab a book at hand, and give you the first 4-5 sentences from page 123. Those numbers may be off a bit. Is that critical to the enjoyment? Hmmmm. I don't care.

"He didn't know why he had ordered everyone out," Klein remembers. "He believed it was ESP. He was serious. He thought he had ESP, and he felt that because of that ESP, he'd been protected throughout his career."

From blink

ADDED: One more thing! Remember that Flip video camera I got from Santa? It's been languishing in some corner of my electronics graveyard. Everything around here is just so relentlessly the SAME, that I haven't been inspired to use it. So my goal is to upload fascinating snippets from my trip next week. Like a modern version of the vacation slide show, because we all LOVE those, right?


keith said...

"I don't cotton to some stranger's groin particles floating up to and around my face/mouth."

And this is EXACTLY why you'll never make it as a Big Brother contestant.

Michael said...

Good point. Plus, I'm basically a poor man's "Bunky."

sam said...

Let me be the first to encourage the posting of videos. That is all.

The Other Andrew said...

Since when in hell have you had a problem with other people's groin particles? Seriously, it's like you've suddenly morphed into someone I don't even know.

OK, groin soup may be nasty I'll admit, and not all groin is good groin, but still. You are freaking me out.

Michael said...

Duly noted, Sam.

Andrew, I spent too many years in a microbiology lab. Couple that with all my years of exposure to the general public's relative lack of hygiene twixt their nethers, fore and aft, and it's a recipe for the wiggins. And I think I might be slightly agoraphobic to boot.

The Other Andrew said...

Heh, you said 'nethers'. You know how I LOVE that.

So, you're a mess, eh neurotico? Is that what you're saying?

Michael said...

See, you do know me.