Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I know I can't, but honestly, won't someone stop this train?

Sometimes I feel like my life (the days, the hours) is about bouncing from stimulus to stimulus. How was that? Did it make me feel good? What's next?

Is that what it is, this life? If it is, is that OK? Enough? Am I missing something? Read this when you have a minute, and be stimulated. Then tell me if I'm missing something. Promise?


Frontier Psychiatrist said...

By suddenly creating a sound, the slack-minded horse elicits an automatic “startle response” — flooding its brain with chemicals, delivering a jolt of excitement and relieving, at least for a moment, the monotony of a long day in an empty field.

My coworkers are going to hate you when I start snorting today.

Michael said...

It made my sister jump when I did it while she was talking about her dog.

The Other Andrew said...

She was the one with the startled response, right?

I watched a fascinating episode of the 2005 documentary series "How Art Made The World" on our tv here last night. Not in a dissimilar vein, they were talking about how representations of the human body through history relate to both brain development and cultural factors. Why almost every representation of humans in art has some or distorted characteristics. And why statues like the "Venus of Willendorf" crop up all over unrelated countries in similiar eras. Not because a memo went 'round that big boobs, thighs and butts were hot, but because they exaggerated the characteristics that were important top them. Right through the stylisations of the Egyptians, through to the Greeks. About how it triggered an aesthetic response.

Sorry, bit of a thread hijack, but it's interesting I think.

Michael said...

No, very interesting! I love stuff like that. And art, in its most primitive forms, is very basic to this guy's premise.