Friday, March 07, 2008

Are we really happy here?

Are we so fucking bored around here that we have to whip ourselves into a frenzy over a goddamned snowstorm? Is it 1886? It hasn't even STARTED to snow. Not a flake. Yet the phone in my office is ringing non-stop. Appointments must be had before the WHITE DEATH arrives. I haven't seen for myself, but I'll bet my ass that the store shelves have been cleared of bread and milk. When's the last time you were trapped in your house for days and days because of snow? Yeah, most likely never.

If it's not mind-numbing boredom to blame, then it's the local news. The entire Channel 7 staff was jacking itself over the forecast at 5:00 AM today. I can't fault them too much. You can only report so many house fires and random shootings before you yearn for something new. And it's been over a year since that baby was microwaved.

Is it this way everywhere? When can I move South? Or West? Or anywhere but here?


Mel said...

Why do people flock to the supermarket like lemmings before a storm to buy the most perishable items? It's why I stay home and plan to open the baked beans if I find myself snowed in.

sam said...

I, for one, do not stock baked beans in my pantry.

We had a pretty bad snowstorm yesterday, or at least parts of the area did. Dallas gets one snowflake and the news treats it like a paranormal phenomenon. "Stay tuned to Fox 4 as we search for answers!"

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

Moving south may not work. When I was in school in North Carolina, they'd do the same thing.

Except for an inch or two of snow.

Michael said...

Milk and eggs and bread, Mel. Apparently it's de rigueur to have french toast in a snowstorm.

Sam, you don't pine for those little hunks of bacon fat? I think we're getting the same storm y'all had, only it's picked up some steam on the way up. They're calling for 8-12 inches here, gaudy numbers for March.

Doc, at least in Chicago it's not ALL PEOPLE TALK ABOUT, is it?

keith said...

"And it's been over a year since that baby was microwaved."

I need to step out of the office to stop the giggles now.

The Other Andrew said...

Dude, I have been calling for 8-12 inches FOREVER! Or at least politely requesting it.

Michael said...

Keith, but we're laughing about the media frenzy, not the actual baby, right?

Andrew, well you were never one to shy away from gaudy. I say more than 6" is just unwieldy, especially when riding. We are talking about snowboarding, right?