Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I want the pendulum to swing again.... that all your mighty mandate was just spittin' in the wind. Here in Ohio anyway, it was a significant swing. It'll be the first time we've had a Democrat in the Governor's office in sixteen years. And we add a Democratic senator, as Sherrod Brown defeated incumbent Mike DeWine. Bye, Mike. You went from "representing our values" in your campaign (you like pulled pork, too?!) to some of the nastiest, deceptive ads I've seen in a while. All while continuing to perform your duties as Bush's boy-bitch. Take a break now, buddy, you deserve it.

Then there's the smoking ban. Hmmmm. Not sure how to feel about this one. I'm at my most Republican* (which is not much and not often) on issues like this. Even though I think it's for the public health's good that we be smoke-free, I lean toward leaving it to small business owners to decide how they want to run their businesses. Not to be. No more smoking in public places. Are there exceptions? I'm not even sure.

*Old School Republican, I mean. The old "less government meddling" school of thought that I think was an early, long since lost, tenet of the party.

ADDED: But to show that I'm not all about protecting personal freedoms (hey, I'm complicated!), I would vote RIGHT NOW to ban cell phone use while driving a vehicle. In lieu of an actual law, most of you just need to stop it. Tough love time. Straight up, you're really not smart enough to do both, guys.

FINALLY, Britney is gettin' divorced, y'all! Again. Boy, isn't this merry lil' band just a shining example of that sanctity of marriage we've been hearing so much about? She's twice divorced at 24. And that talentless asshat she's about to jettison? Four toddlers by two different baby mommas, and by all indications (Amazon sales rank #2303), he's unemployed. Both will be on the market again soon, free to marry again. Cuz, you know, they're straight so all their connubial shenanigans implicitly carry God's imprimatur. Thank the Lord that America has had the good sense to maintain watchful stewardship over that fine institution.


Sara said...

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands ::clap clap::
I'm surprised that issue 5 passed. There are a few exceptions like nursing homes, and designated hotel rooms.
I would also vote to ban cell phone use while driving, especially if you are under the age of 18!

Michael said...

You can hear me clapping now, can't you, Sara?

Issue 5 (Ohio bans smoking in public places, for all you non-Buckeyes) passing surprised me as well. Although I was NO on 4 and 5, I can't say I'm terribly upset by this. I think if the gov't is gonna get involved, they'd be better served by taxing the crap out of cigarettes. And soda. And fast food. Who out there is gonna school me on the error in my thinking?

Bad driving is epidemic and it's often the phones to blame. I saw a young girl force someone off I-75 this weekend as she, without looking, crossed two lanes to exit. Megan/Amber had just passed me a few seconds earlier as she merrily dished with Tiffany/Morgan about what Justin/Tyler had just said to her.

Sara said...

I'm fine with issue 5 too. I think having two different smoking issues confused people. I know I didn't understand it until two days ago.
Don't you just love I-75? I don't know how many people have almost him me while they are trying to take a picture of the Big Butter Jesus with their camera phone!

Jen said...

I am so with you on the cell phones, brother. I'm always bitching at E about that and worried she'll wreck.

But I don't have much sympathy for the smokers. When I used to smoke, I understood that it really bothered people with allergies or asthma or whatever else, so I always hauled my smokey-joe ass outside even when it was raining or freezing or whatever, and I think other smokers should do the same. Also, people should fart outside, can we get that on the ballot next time?

Beau RN said...

As one of the first states that adopted a no-smoking ban in public places, I have to tell you, it's pure joy...and I LIKE smokers (ok, I think they're just humpin' hot as hell, go figure), but to be able to be in a restaurant or bar and not have to deal with it, it's awesome. It didn't really bother me before and I understand the republican point of getting government out of regulating this kind of thing, but still, I'm for the smoking ban. But it's all for selfish purposes, not the healthful impact to employees.

Michael said...

Big Butter Jesus. Ha! He does look like butter! Sara, meet Jen, who follows you in the comments and was just this weekend fascinated by said Supplicating Dairy-based Savior (see

My concern is not so much with the smokers, but with the small business owners. Shouldn't they decide how to run their establishment? That's my question. For me personally, this is a boon.

So you like a smoker, Beau? What about clove cigs at an Indigo Girls concert? Is that hot? ((Yes, yes, I know it is for you, Jen))

Jen said...

Just say no to cloves...but pass me that doobie, baby.

Beau RN said...

There isn't anything hotter then some beefy Tom of Finland guy smoking a cig. I can't reconcile that fact with my being a nurse and losing a bunch of family to lung cancer so I don't try.

Fantasy hotness knows no health-related bounds.

But I'm voting down cloves and remaining silent on the doob.