Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Lord help the sister who comes between me and my mister

White Christmas: Sisters

Not that I require even a HINT of an excuse to post about White Christmas, but since the lovely Michael Guy mentioned the Singalong he attends, and then so kindly forwarded this video link, I couldn't resist. How much do I love Danny Kaye? And not just because next to his calves, mine look totally jacked.


Michael Guy said...

I see myself as the Rosemary Clooney 'sister.' The one with the wry cynicism that keeps her in check until she falls madly in love.

"SNO-O-O-O-W...I'll wash my hair in snow..."

And you are so right about Ms. VERA...is that a waistline or a thorax? We need to view this together someday. When it's snowing. BTW: I always cry at the end when they push the barn doors back and the sleigh goes by. Boo-sniffle-HOO!

Michael said...

I see myself as the Rosemary Clooney 'sister.'

That's exactly as I see you, darling. And, please, can I be the buffoonish (gay) sidekick with a heart of gold? It's a stretch, sure, but I take direction well.

I'll see your "cry at the end" and raise you a "cry at the end while watching it with my mom." Yeah. Just try to play Sad Gay Clown with me, bitch. I'll up your ante every time.

PS? I would LOOOOOOVE to watch it with you sometime.

Jeff said...

Geesh...get a room you two.

Michael said...

We may yet, Jeff. We may yet. Join us at the Drake?

Curtis said...

That is SO gay!

(I like it)

Michael Guy said...

I hear it's tight at The Drake around the holidays. If you're lucky maybe you can squeeze in.

:: subtle as a flying anvil ::