Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sucka cocka, sucka cocka, suck it down down

I had a rather spirited session of Krogering this afternoon and was feeling effusive on the drive home. So I really gave it my all when backing up Lionel and the boys on Brick House. It occurred to me that, for as long as I can remember, I've sung the bridge as "sucka cocka, suck it down, down" without a second thought. I considered googling the actual lyric, but why? I can't imagine it'll work any better for me.


The Other Andrew said...

Krogering? Is that something that Manny & Esteban go along for the ride with?

Michael said...

Me and the Cubans, we're closer than pages that stick in a book, so sure, they're along. Sometimes I even air them out a little in the produce department.

Lately they get all tingly at the dairy case, though, as I (and they) are loving the new Yoplait Whips, in Chocolate Mint, Creamy Latte, and Dulce de Leche. Unbelievably fluffy, they feel a kinship aside from the delightful flavor.

Michael Guy said...

Har! "Krogering" I know what that is! I know what that is!!!

Oh hon, we need to get you to a Whole Foods out here. Bliss. Word.

I. will. never. hear. BRICKHOUSE. in. the. same. way. Though it reminds of leaping up and down on the dance floor to Bananarama's "VENUS" while screaming "I'm YOUR penis..."