Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Where troubles melt like lemon drops

OK, this weekend they are showing The Wizard of Oz accompanied by the full Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra (video with twister!). See ya there, F.O.D.!


Michael Guy said...

OOH! Count me in, FOD! YOU would enjoy this, too:


We go every other year for WHITE CHRISTMAS and caroling. It's sorta gay.

Michael said...

Enjoy it? I'm a slave to White Christmas. I know the lyrics. I know the dialogue. I know the choreography. And who else thinks that wasp-waisted bitch isn't near good enough for Danny Kaye?

Michael said...

Added bonus: Conductor Neal Gittleman is a fine piece.

The Other Andrew said...

Enjoy this, Morgan and I went to the same thing here in Sydney and I loved it! They play the remastered movie on the big screen with the full orchestral accompanyment. It's fagalicious.