Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Too long I roamed in the night

I have just heard Wuthering Heights for the first time (thanks, Freakgirl) and I am home. How did I miss this? It's so theatrical. So over the top. So M.E.

In another iPod related note, if we're gonna be friends you should know that I've cued up my Holiday Playlist on the Pod over the last few days, and I own over 300 Yuletide songs, lambs. You heard me.

Finally, you know I'm into gangster rap, right? (Karen Walker) I'm not really, but I did have a phase, mostly inspired by the online manwhore I used to solicit. God, he was so fucking hot. And he would get his tats to match Tupac. Anyway, DMX isn't really gangsta, gangsta, but his Party Up (In Here) came on the shuffle mix this morning while I was in the shower and I was cracking up. And, you know, throwing punches and wildin' and shit.

There's this lil' nugget I love:
Y'all niggaz is characters, not even good actors
What's gon' be the outcome? Hmm, let's add up all the factors
You're wack, you're twisted, your girl's a ho
You're broke, the kid ain't yours, and e'rybody know

Harsh! And then there's:
Sun in to sun out, I'ma keep the gun out
Nigga runnin' his mouth? I'ma blow his lung out
Listen, yo' ass is about to be missin'
You know who gon' find you? (Who?) Some old man fishin'
Grandma wishin' your soul's at rest
But it's hard to digest with the size of the hole in your chest

Full. Of. Gems.


The Other Andrew said...

Get OUT! Just discovered "Wuthering Heights"? That seminal piece of my youth? That episode in my teenage years where I briefly didn't know if I wanted to date Kate Bush, or BE Kate Bush? The woman I wrote a teenage fan letter to, full of angst and nobody understands me?

Catch up.

Michael said...

I know! Where was I? Freakgirl was plotzing just as much.

Hmmm, when was it that it come out?

The Other Andrew said...

Um, '77 or '78? Maybe. I was a teenager so it could well have 1895.

Michael said...

1895. Go easy on us, darling.

'78. Hmmm, La Bush was not on my radar in grade school. I believe those were my BeeGees years. And Andy Gibb, of course, God rest his soul. I think it's Andy from whence my fondness for a toothy blowjob sprung.

Michael said...


The Other Andrew said...


Michael Guy said...

You guys are so harshing my cool. Word.

Who the hell is Kate Bush? Any relation to "W?"

Charlie said...

A.) Christmas music already? Aren't you the optimist! B.) I hadn't heard the Kate Bush song either, vaguely knew of the name but not the song. Music in 1978 sucked didn't it? I think I went to see the movie Grease that year with my grandmother and she bought my older brother the album. :( Of course, I could only look at it, never put it on the record player. Older brothers suck.

Michael said...

I'm sending you "Wuthering Heights", MG. Prepare to have your cool unharshed. It's fabulous. Think MacArthur Park, only with more angst.

Charlie, I know, I know. I'm not much for holiday decor, but I'm a whore for the music. Over 300 Christmas tunes on my iPod? Are there even that many? You're younger than I, of course, but my most distinct "Grease" related memory is listening to that soundtrack EVERY DAY for months while driving to school. My sister was at the wheel (I was not yet of age), so she was in charge of the stereo. The EIGHT TRACK stereo.

The Other Andrew said...

You guys are killing me. KILLING ME. I didn't think there were three homos in the entire world who didn't know the fabulousity of Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights", and here you all are.

I'm dying a little inside, but hey, better late than never huh?

Michael said...

It might actually be better this way. I love discovering things that have been there waiting all along! I just put "The Whole Story" on my Wishlist. It's got Wuthering Heights, plus those other two songs you mentioned over at Freakgirl.

The Other Andrew said...

There was a box set called "This Woman's Work" released in the '90s that had everything she had released up to that point on it. B sides, foreign language curiosities, the works. My friend Robbie has it, which makes him a bigger fag than me.

freakgirl said...

Michael, once I unearth my CDs I'll send along some more Kate.

One of my biggest regrets in life is never getting the chance to see Kate Bush live.

The Other Andrew said...

My biggest regret, she never answered my damn letter.

Michael said...

My friend Robbie has it, which makes him a bigger fag than me

That's possible? Yet another discovery for me today.

One of the few Kate songs I had (before today) is "This Woman's Work". Adore. And of course "Don't Give Up" with Peter Gabriel, which I think is a near perfect song.

Speaking of "This Woman's Work", have you ever caught Maxwell's cover?


The 'fro. The falsetto.
TPC (total panty creamer).

Michael said...

FG, yes, please! She's not dead (I checked). Will she never tour again, or do you just mean never seeing her back in the day?

Andrew, you still have a carbon of that letter, don't you?

Michael said...

The fact that I solicited an online manwhore does not raise an eyebrow around here. I truly am home.

The Other Andrew said...

My work blocks YouTube. Damn Christians.

The box set was named after the song, it's self referential you see. She was also the queen of conceptual albums.

So many great songs: "Army Dreamers", "Cloudbusting", "Running Up That Hill", "Experiment IV"... fortunately they're all on The Whole Story I think. There is a discography here.

The Other Andrew said...

She's been a recluse, and not working for about 10 years until the latest album. So, not dead but not likely to tour.

freakgirl said...

Michael, I regret not seeing her back in the day and knowing that she likely will never tour again. :(

luscious loulou said...


"The man with the child in his eyes."

That was always my favourite. I danced the whole video and even did the eyes. The swooping and stretching and then the way she lifts her arms in that "Kate way" when she sings child.

Aah, such sweet melodramatic memories. Glad you finally found her.