Sunday, March 11, 2007

Baby, I'm a star

Much has been made over at Freakgirl about her recent fulfillment of her civic duties, and I congratulate her. Though I hesitate to toot my own horn (unless it's been 5-7 days since someone else has tooted it for me and/or it's a month with an "R" in it), it's a little known fact that events in my life formed the basis of The Rural Juror, opening soon in select theaters. Once again, things are looking up for 'ol Mike Engle.


freakgirl said...

Can I tell you how many times a day I say to myself, "The Rural Juror?" Too many.

The Other Andrew said...

That's kind of hard to get your tounge around. All of it.

Michael said...

Freakgirl, I know! I was over it and then they had to show the repeat. That show has really grown on me, and now I laugh and laugh.

Liz: Then why are you wearing a tux?
Jack: It's after 6:00. What am I, a farmer?

Andrew, do y'all have 30 Rock down there? Alec Baldwin is a scream, as is the guy who plays his receptionist, Kenneth.

The Other Andrew said...

No. As with all quality US shows, we'll get it sometime in 2012.

(Actually, an exaggeration but we do tend to get them much later - if at all.)