Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm a classy honey kissy huggy lovey dovey ghetto princess

I think I'd like to be a dandy. All those tailored clothes and maybe a little frill. No, wait. Am I confusing a dandy with a fop? Maybe I'd like to be a fop, instead.

Or possibly I just wanna fuck a dandy or a fop. Yeah, that's it.

Also, I'm still deciding whether Alpha Moms annoy me for their own sake, or because I secretly want to be them. But then I would have kids with names like Ryland and Marston. I'll get back to you.

ADDED: You can have your longer days, your robins returning, your daffodils blooming, because I finally experienced my favorite rite of spring today-- hot bitches on motorcycles. Tight t-shirt, buzzcut, mirror shades...unnnggghhh.


The Other Andrew said...

Congratulations on vision splendid on a motorcycle! Meals on Wheels, much? Did you hear "The Rite Of Spring" playing in your head?

I've just read Mark Gatiss's 2 novels about bisexual special agent fop/dandy Lucifer Box ("The Vesuvius Club" and "The Devil In Amber") - a bit of silliness but I'm all about the fop/dandy too! Snap!

Michael said...

"Meals on Wheels, much?" Ha! Bitch was Atkins-style, too. Meaty.

The Other Andrew said...

Lo Carb.