Sunday, June 17, 2007

Can you feel it?

Sometimes I'll have a heavy feeling, mostly in my chest and throat, and sometimes it will last all day. It's not like "warning sign of heart attack" pressure. It's more like sadness has taken up residence there. Then it informs all my activities. I try all manner of things to shake it. I try to smile out the blue. I run. I read. I talk on the phone. Sometimes those things work, but usually not. I'm not mentioning this to engender sympathy. I'm just wondering if you feel it, too.


Curtis said...

All the time.

freakgirl said...

I know this feeling.

I woke up with it this morning.

Let's cuddle.

Michael said...

Curtis, if I may ask, has it always been that way?

freakgirl, it's not just with haircuts that we cycle together then. I need to move within cuddling distance of you.

abnitude said...

i feel that way sometime too. i think that if you don't feel that way, there are problems lurking.

Ur-spo said...

in the east, that is the place for the 4th chakra, which would suggest you need a 'tune up' as it were loving yourself.
Or so I read this week in a seminar!

Michael said...

abnitude, so it's a good thing? Feels bad.

ur-spo, did your seminar suggest a treatment?

Zeph said...

"Song sung blue, everybody knows one."

A long, hot bath with a good book is fair treatment. Or going for a walk outside. Maybe a beer or eight.

'Course, if the problem stems from something you can recognize, that's a wise place to start.

Jay said...

Yeah, I get that way at times. It just settles in, like a potato sack (though not as heavy), in your chest. It makes me feel like nothing I do will make things better, but not like everything is hopeless or terrible... just blah or like things have lost their sparkle or colour.

as for ur-spo's 4th chakra suggestion, yes this is usually an issue of self love, and the remedy is to do things that actually engender loving yourself (and I don't mean simply tossing off to how hot you look in the mirror). What do you do, for you, that is without judgement or self-criticism, that has no guilt associated with it, and which makes you feel good about yourself. Find that, do that, and then carry that feeling with you and remind yourself that you're perfect and loved as you are. (and jack off to how hot you look in the mirror, always a good positive technique of reinforcement)

Michael Guy said...

The well of loneliness runs deep.

I drink from its waters much, too.


Ur-spo said...

i will try to send you an email with some sort of summary that doesn't sound too simple/silly on the 4th chakra.

Steven said...

Everyone deals with loneliness. Sometimes strength comes from showing your vulnerability.

Michael said...

Zeph, I have issues I'm dealing with, as we all do, but it sneaks up on me so often when I'm feeling OK.

jay, that's just the feeling. Not unbearably sad, but heavy and down. I'm taking your suggestion under advisement. As for jacking off to my own image....hmmmmm......I guess I have been guilty on occasion....if I hold a hand mirror at just the right angle, my ass is pretty good.

MG, it's not really loneliness, because when I feel this way, I tend to isolate myself even further. But thanks for the hug, doll.

Steven, I agree that we all need to show our weaknesses and vulnerabilities. I think it's one of the best things about the blogging community (though I've been accused of self-promotion). The (relative) anonymity frees people to a near instant intimacy. You're the second person to call the feeling "lonely". I didn't think that was it, but maybe I should reconsider.