Wednesday, June 13, 2007

All I need is you

What? You weren't completely, impossibly, distractingly adorable enough? Now you're gonna drape a dog over your shoulders?Diabolical! Ah, if only I was ten years younger. What's that? Oh, no, I still wouldn't have a shot with T.R., but wouldn't it be awesome to be ten years younger?

ADDED: Since I prolly can't have T.R., can I at least have my girl crush? Remember her from a few weeks back? Well it gets better. I mean she. She just keeps getting better. When I was at the salon last week, there was some scuttlebutt about her getting married, so I had to ask. Turns out she IS "kinda engaged" but is "not into marriage or weddings, so we found a ring at a pawn shop for $6 and we're gonna have a commitment ceremony somewhere sometime." I know. Could we love her more?

MORE: T.R.'s dog companion goes by Arrow. ::sigh::

FINALLY: I saw Knocked Up last weekend and, don't get me wrong, I thought it was very good, but I was waiting for something that was at least as funny as that Brokeback scene that they didn't use, and never really got it. No! I really liked it, honest, I'm just sayin'. Admittedly, my mood was darkened a bit after the Larry and Steve trailer elicited HYSTERICS from the Beavercreek audience. Feeling other really chaps my ass sometimes.
If all the girls who attended the Yale prom were laid end to end, I wouldn't be a bit surprised.
- Dorothy Parker


maddie said...


Did you see him on the GLADD awards? He announced presenters, but before he did he said a little something about the whole Grey's fiasco, so classy and awesome. I want to be Katherine Heigl just so I can hang out with him.

Michael said...

Maddie, I didn't see that...hmmm, I'll have to see if there's any youtube. I loves him. Katherine Heigl gave him that dog from a shelter!

maddie said...

Oh, try to find it...just a few words, but he got all worked up and the audience went wild. Great moment for him.

I saw the whole show on Logo - do you get that? They might still be replaying the show (Glaad Media Awards), I don't know.

The Other Andrew said...

TR. Dog. Dog from shelter. Classy.

Oh my God, I'm powerless. Powerless! Not that I even would resist the lure of all that sweet and cute and hot, but resistance is futile nonetheless.

Michael said...

He's gayBorg.

freakgirl said...

Move over, I want a piece too.

Ur-spo said...

dear me this man is popping up all over blog-land!

The Other Andrew said...

That's because I stole the pic from here... um, with due creditation of course!

Michael said...

Freakgirl, I watched a youtube clip of TR on Martha's show and he kinda IS George. Just shoot me.

ur-spo, he's gayBorg. You will be assimilated.