Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm under your spell, don't release me

I was fingering through the MEAT file and realized that, for now, I only have eyes for T.R. So here's one more for you (especially Andrew).This is from a two-page spread in this month's Advocate. If I could figure how to scan it, you'd see him pulling a lawn mower. In a Pipedreams first, I'll leave you to insert your own double entendre here.

OK, wait. I need to come clean. T.R. isn't the only guy I've been thinking about this week. I've also been near obsessed with Geri Haliwell's jolly hot trainer.(via)
What the?


freakgirl said...

I was JUST telling my girlfriends about this giant guy at dinner! I know Geri is wee, but for reals, it looks Photoshopped. WHO IS THAT GIGANTIC?

I can't stop looking at the picture. Holding the leash of that tiny dog in his big giant mitt? Priceless.

Michael said...

IS IT Photoshopped, cuz c'mon?! HUGE.

I gotta say, though....GIANT PLAYGROUND.

The Other Andrew said...

Some one needs to release the valve on that trianer guy pronto. ::Pfffffft!:: He's a bit ewwww to me.