Thursday, June 07, 2007

Those lips that Love's own hand did make

This article in the New York Times is reporting that MEN are using lip balm. You heard me! MEN! Using lip balm! Have you ever?! Hold on to your hats, dolls, because it gets more shocking. Sometimes they are going for the sheen. Yep. Glossy.

Talk about feeling ahead of the curve. Mike's Milieu has been littered with lip balm since....ummmm.....the late 70s? Yeah, it must have been then, because I finally had some of my own money and I know it was around the same time that my secret stash changed from the men's underwear pages of the Sears catalog to Playgirl magazines. But I shouldn't leave you with the impression that I actually paid for the Playgirls. Nope.

Back to the balm, I've gone through phases of extreme brand loyalty, but right now I'm sewing my lip quenching oats. I do have my faves though. Tops on that list has to be Aveda's Lip Saver. Mmmm, the scent memory is giving me tinglesack right now. It's anise and cinnamon and cloves and delightfully calming. Kind of like soothing tea on your lips. I say "memory" because it's not the moisture du jour. ((Ummmm....Andrew? You'd do well to skim down past this next, kitten)) Right now I'm enamored of the LUSH merch, as you all know. I have the Happy Talk in my desk at work (and on my lips right now)(coffee!), the Whipstick in the glovebox of my car, and some Honey Trap by my bedside because, you know, I like to kid myself I may get lucky and if so, I want my lips to be redolent of vanilla. And sin. I want my lips to to taste like sin. Dudes dig that. Finally, I have my old standby, lately neglected, but not forgotten....holla Neutrogena!

So yeah, me love lip balm long time. How 'bout you, Joe?

TOMORROW: The return of the MEAT.


The Other Andrew said...

Hey, if your lips taste like sin, I don't care where that comes from.


The Other Andrew said...

Hey! I just noticed the teaser for the return of MEAT.

Yay! That's enough to make me do Paula Abdul style seal claps.

Michael Guy said...

Total lip gloss whore here. But blot first. I don't want folks thinking I'm that gay.

(PS: Guess who bought something at LUSH last night on the walk home? One does want bath bombs for guests. I'm just saying...)

Meat. Good. Yum.

yaniboy said...

For the past couple of years I've become obsessed with Chapstick... but only in the winter, coz, you know, a boy needs to counter all that breathing through his mouth... and I'm loving the "all natural" flavour... it doesn't really taste of anything though...

Michael said...

Andrew, right? Sin lips give me randypants.

MG, well don't blot for me, darlin'. And are you teasin' with that bath bomb? Those things really are SO fun and fizzy in equal measure.

Yani, I'm not so much into FLAVOUR as scent....even the Whipstick mostly just smells like chocolate. Explore, brotha!