Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Move over baby, gimme the keys

I saw The Valet over the weekend. Cute! It's fun and funny....a French sex farce. Mmmm, the actress who plays Elena, the supermodel harpy with a heart of gold, est tres jolie. If you're looking for something light and frothy, check it out. Here's the trailer. I knew from the first few notes that I'd see it.This weekend I've got tickets for a local production of Take Me Out , the Tony award winning play by Richard Greenberg. It's the story of a professional baseball player who comes out while the team is making a play-off run. Anyone smell repercussions? I'm sure it'll be a thought-provoking take on the homophobia (the last acceptable bigotry) still rampant in pro sports. I'll be there for that, of course, and not just for the naked guys showering right on stage. If you've been around here long you know I love the theater. Weiners are just an added bonus. Cold beer! Peanuts! Hotdogs! Get yer hotdogs here!


freakgirl said...

Speaking of gay baseball players, how come this never happened?,,348502,00.html

Michael said...

Well, you know I'm no Affleckophile (one of our few divergences!), but that sounds like a sure thing. Have they learned nothing from BBM?

Speaking of BBM, I keep watching that Knocked Up outtake.

"I'm not a fucking kid! I can take it, Ang! I'm a realist, man, I like to see real shit goin' down. I see two gay guys in a tent in Brokeback Mountain, I wanna see a fuckin' 69...I wanna see an asshole eaten out."

"I need to see Jake Gyllenhaal on all fours with a mouthful of Ledger."

"And he just dipped it, I didn't suck on it or anything. And it was just the tip, I promise you, Allison."


The Other Andrew said...

Take your opera glasses to the play, I know I would.

I had more to say but your last comment made it all fall out of my head.

Michael said...

Is there a rule of etiquette regarding using opera glasses when one is seated in the third row center?

Here's the youtube clip, A, for viewing when far, far away from the Christian charity.