Thursday, May 22, 2008

I think I did that in yoga last night

Dude is Colombian golfer Camilo Villegas. OK, yeah, I'm fond of his flexibility, but I'm not completely shallow. I like him for other reasons, too. He's ripped.His eyebrows are spectacular.And whether you like his style or not, he brings a much needed dose of fashion to golf.

ADDED: On a more personal note, as of today, my fat pants are loose, y'all. Also, my back is still sore from catching that geriatric in Panera. I'm supposed to run five miles at lunch with 5x2 minute pickups. Hmmmm. Only one more week until the half-marathon. I wonder if I should hold off?

UPDATE: The run went OK. At least my legs and back were good. Here's a tip for any runners out there (or anyone with some tight legs, I guess): get a foam roll and make it your best friend. I can't tell you how much it's helped my calves and hammies.

ADDED: I'm burying this nugget at the end of a post, so maybe not as many people will think less of me. Yeah, I know, I could just NOT say it at all. So, I've never told anyone this, but last year, my best childhood friend lost his mother (as in, she died, she wasn't misplaced). I hadn't seen or spoken with him in years, but after the viewing, we had some sexy time. No! Not right AT the funeral home, although there is another story. Remind me to tell you that one. Where was I? Oh, yeah, me and the bereaved had some dealings. Thing is, I'm not sure if I was providing solace (a pacifier, if you will), or taking advantage. Both? Here's where it gets worse. On Wednesday his dad died, and I gotta say I'm a little excited. See what I mean?


mrpeenee said...

Oh, you're bad. So bad. Sit shiva, snag pussy. So bad.

Michael said...

I think it's because I'm NOT that guy, that I feel so bad. Or am I?

J.Go said...

Judging. Seriously. Judging.

Michael said...

Oh, yeah, I forgot to add: don't judge!

A blowjob can't be a mitzvah? Or does it depend if you give or get?

jason said...

God's angels come in all sorts of ways.

Chaucer's Itch said...

That is completely normal and healthy. Everyone goes through the same, basic stages of grief, which are as follows:
Well done, counselor Mike!

The Other Andrew said...


Two sides of the same coin, apparently. ;P

sam said...

You are my hero. And I hope you get some.

knitguyla said...

The reviews are definitely mixed. Sorry, but I've got to go with mrpeenee and j-go ... bad, bad, bad! And as for your back, you've got to find a massage therapist before you do some damage between the bitch in Panera and all the training!

Michael said...

I'm not really attracted to him at all. Better or worse?

Beau RN said...

Comfort is comfort in whatever way works at the time. Definitely not taking advantage and hey, you got some badonkadonk.

Chin up, you're still going to heaven.

Michael said...

I'll let you know if I die a little again tonight.