Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Surf genius

I picked up Outside magazine because my future husband, Anderson Cooper, is on the cover. The REALLY fascinating article, though, is about Garrett Lisi. He surfs, snowboards, lives in a van, and just may have re-written physics (or not, of course) with his theory of everything. Good stuff.
I've tried to make the rest of my life good enough that even if the physics theories don't work out, it wasn't a waste of time. Garrett Lisi


maddie said...

Well, that's a sure example of why you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. What an amazing guy! Creative, naturally brilliant people like him fascinate me.

On related topic, have you read Anderson Cooper's book yet? I got it for Christmas and just started reading it. He's had such incredible experiences. Great writer, too, besides the given of being gorgeous. :)

Michael said...

Part of the reason Lisi fascinates me is that I have a friend who's kind of like him. He has a doctorate in theoretical physics from some great school in Germany, and he's brilliant, but he likes to ski and kayak and climb and play the guitar. He teaches high school and does all that. I don't think he has a theory of everything, though.

I haven't read Anderson's book. I kind of forgot about it actually. It's good, huh?

maddie said...

Wow, a real Renaissance man there. I love that.

It is a pretty small book. I love any kind of autobiographies, so this grabbed me. His descriptions of the beginnings of his career are fascinating, the things he has seen... Very honest, about tragic things that happened in his family and why he got into the job he does.

sam said...

A.Coop's book was interesting. Don't splurge on a hardcover, though. As for Lisi, his 'cover' looks damn tasty to me! I read the article, too. Made me feel stoopid all day long.

Ur-spo said...

funny; my partner tells me he is going to be HIS future spouse. THat makes him a sort of astral bigamist.

Michael said...

Made me feel stoopid all day long.

That's what physics is for, Sam.

Ur-spo, polygamist, fer sher. I'll bet Anderson's future husbands are legion.