Friday, May 16, 2008

Oh, good grief

When I was at the salon earlier, I happened to catch a glimpse of my client file on the computer monitor. I don't know how long I've been going there, but, dude, I've spent $1500 on haircuts. And that's not EVEN what gave me pause. That would be the $550 I've spent on pedicures. What all this means is that if we ever hook up, you totally need to GO DOWN on my feet and then tell me how fucking fantastic they are, thereby justifying my efforts with your tongue.


sam said...

Toe-suckling isn't really my thing, but for you, feet are on the menu.

But in all srslynss, that's a lot of money to be spending on your feet and not getting a toe reduction so you can fit into those Manolos.

jason said...

Oh, I can tell you how fantastic they are already.

I'm pretty sure your salon has been selling pics to for quite a while now.
They've made 10 times that much on your toes this month, I'm sure.

You're listed there as "Pedihontas", I think.

Ur-spo said...

my father fancies from time to time adding up all the money he has spent over the years; but feels it would upset him to know.

i hope your salon gives frequent flyer miles?

Peter said...

How much were the hair-products???

Michael said...

Sam, like I'm into feet? I just need to feel better about the expenditure. And, yes, I'm thinking strappy sandals for the summer to share the toes with the hoi polloi. Maybe a kitten heel.

Jason, they really are kinda good. "Pedihontas" made me snort.

ur-spo, I didn't really want to know. One consolation is that I've only spent $30 on my eyebrows.

Peter, I did NOT see that breakdown, but the funniest part about the $1500 is if you'd SEE my hair. It's not much and it's about a 1/4 inch buzzcut. I could probably do it at home.

The Other Andrew said...

I think ur-spo was definately on the right track. With all those pedis you should be getting Frequent Filer Miles at least...

Michael said...

Oh, I see what you did there! ;-)

It still makes me feel a little bad to think about it, but I guess it's money more well spent than on some other things. Renting vodka, for example.