Friday, May 23, 2008

Wake me up before I go.......go.

My iPod was so extravagantly generous with me this morning as I undertook my morning ablutions that I feel the need to share my mpeg largesse. Of course I understand that this mix might not be to your taste, but neither is Ramon your iPod. So here is the Friday Random Ten- Will You Do My Back? Edition:

September In The Rain- Julie London
Lifetime- Maxwell
Superstar- Lauryn Hill
Love It When You Call- The Feeling
Invisible War- Julia Fordham
The Impossible Dream- Linda Eder
It Had To Be You- Tony Bennett
Solsbury Hill- Peter Gabriel
These are the Days- Jamie Cullum
High Time- Michael Penn

1 comment:

Netizen Kane said...

The cool, cool, cool Julie London. She died on my birthday a few years ago: the only bad thing she ever did. If you can find the rare "Well, Sir," it's worth the considerable trouble tracking it down. In the vein of "Something Cool" and "One for My Baby," it's one of those great "talking to the bartender" torch songs. Brilliant alone for rhyming "Well, sir" and "seltzer."

"Invisible War." Wow. That's a "feeling sorry for myself" blast from my own past. Nothing like a morning mix that reminds you of all the times you ran after an ex's car in a torrential downpour, screaming, "I can change!"