Tuesday, May 20, 2008

You know?

  • On a good day, it's not that hard to pretend that I like people. Today is not a good day.
  • It feels like I'm surrounded by robots. They talk too much and it's about robot things that I don't care for.
  • I'm not kidding.
  • Are people everywhere really dumb and irritating, or just the ones around me?
  • I think I might be having an episode or something.
  • I'll be drinking wine tonight, obvs. I wonder how many carbs/bottle?


Mel said...

As an avowed, self-confessed, and confirmed people hater, I understand completely.

Michael said...

So, now what?

susie said...


The Other Andrew said...

Oh dude, I feel for you. I'm normally pretty positive about people, but I'm feeling similar feelings at the moment.

I had a day yesterday that gave new meaning to the term HATEFUL. Mucho interpersonal conflict with a workmate. I mention this in the hope that it may lift your spirits to think of someone having a shittier time than you. Because I care!

freakgirl said...

I raise my glass to you and give the finger to the myriad idiots that surround us.

knitguyla said...

Yes, people everywhere are really dumb and irritating but there are also people everywhere who are smart and endearing. Look out for those and have a better tomorrow.

Michael said...

Susie, I know. When did that happen?

TOA, I agree. You're way more positive about people than I am. Things are looking up today, though I still need to cultivate more complementary relationships. I swear I've been picturing it. I think my copy of that fucking Secret is defective.

Freakgirl, it feels like they're closing in sometimes. Drinking helps!

knitguyla, I know you're right. I know some FASCINATING people who THINK about what they BELIEVE. Real TECHNICOLOR people. And just who the fuck do I think I am anyway?

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

If there's no nutrition information on the bottle of wine, you can just assume there are no carbs.

Johnnyagogo said...


Michael said...

FP, I did not have any carbs again last night.

J Go, mmmmmuah!

landis smithers said...

ah, wish i'd been here for you on this day.

i live in san fran.

there are robots everywhere here.