Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Most of my life isn't real

What do you think of Sam Sparro? Me like. And not just because he can fill out a tuxedo.


sam said...

I like the dood - want in me. But the video sucks. With the exclusion of Nigel Dick, I think that the British, as a rule, cannot make a good music video.

Sorry y'all.

Michael said...

For whatever reason, I've never cared about music videos. Like, I actively avoid them.

Song's good, though, right? I'm interested to hear more from Mr. Sparro. I think his CD is released in the US today.

sam said...

I do like the song, yes! Sometimes a good music video will make me like a song I didn't care for before. Since the advent of Youtube, though, it's clear to me that Americans do it better.

jason said...

I really like him too. I love the lyrics of this song.

I've seen another video of him somewhere, in a studio (wearing, if I remember right, a slightly unfortunate fashion choice...rather early 80's...but then the young can almost carry such a thing off)...with a nice late 70s disco-y jazz-y vibe to it.

Michael said...

Jason, I've been listening to track samples and deciding if I need the whole CD. And, yes, the young can pull almost anything off.

jason said...

I'm listening and deciding the same thing.
And the young can pull off almost anything....almost.

(There's a long color blocked knitted cardigan he's in that I'm not sure even he can.)