Wednesday, January 24, 2007

At a bar on 43rd at quarter to two

Oft-mentioned but little detailed has been my recent trip to New York. Every time I go to post about it, I feel overwhelmed. Guys, this was one of the best vacations I've had in a long time. Like ROME level good. Instead of tackling all of it, if you'll allow, I'm gonna share a few snippets.

I got in on Wednesday and had another When Worlds Collide moment, meeting my darling Freakgirl within hours of the plane touching down. If you read her blog, you think you know her. Funny thing is, you do. She's exactly as sweet and snarky and smart and funny as you'd expect. Surprises were few but she is definitely more low-key than I expected. She says funny shit all the time, but she doesn't punctuate her punchlines. She says that I say she mumbles (even though I recall she said other people say that). Her speaking voice? Think Thora Birch in Ghost World. And don't let her kid you, girl's got no discernible Jersey accent. Oh, and you've seen her picture, but she's even cuter and prettier and possibly tinier (except for the boobs) in person. Her skin is awesome. Like as good as her hair awesome.

Anyway, I had a lovely time with her. I greeted her with a hearty hug and an extravagant cupcake. I know. Suck-up. We had lunch at a fab pan-Asian bistro she selected and then we saw Grey Gardens, which I enjoyed immensely and La Freakgirl claimed the same. Christine Ebersole is spot-on as Little Edie, and I was surprised by her crystalline singing. Tragic. Awesome. As I type this, I'm wearing a headscarf fashioned from a cable-knit sweater, accented with an understated broach. Or is it a curtain tie-back? I think it's the best costume for today. Have you seen the documentary? Hysterical. It's a guilty pleasure, and I mean that literally. I'm plagued with guilt over how much I love it and I'm not sure why.

Post-matinée we braved the cold and shopped at my new crush, LUSH, though, be warned all ye olfactory delicates, it seems that it's not for everyone. Me? I'm in love with the mask and the scrub and the bar shampoo and the cuticle butter and the lip balm and the face soap. Curse you Freakgirl! And, of course, bless you. After, we traded tales over coffee. Truth be told, coffee conversation-wise, apparently she's the top and I'm the bottom. Don't get me wrong. I was an enthusiastic receiver. After that, and too soon, we parted ways. Until next time, darling!

That's a lot right there, but how often do I get to New York? Another show was in order. Sondheim anyone? To be continued.....


The Other Andrew said...

Yay! I've had the anticipatory frisson for days now, waiting for snippets of your NYC adventures. Now it's finally Christmas morn and I need corss the days off the advent calendar no longer.

Glad you had a good time, and I'm glad that Freakgirl was able to confirm that you do actually have a head - and a cute one at that! (Her words.)

The Other Andrew said...

"corss" = "cross"

Damn these long artist's fingers of mine!

Michael said...

An anticipatory frisson? Does that leave a stain? You flatter me, kid.

Yes, yes, it's true. I come with head. I think the words "cute as hell" may have been uttered. Or was it "nice Frankenforehead"?

The Other Andrew said...

Everything I do leaves a stain, it's my oeuvre.

There is no such thing as the fivehead, apparently. The skinny from FG is that there is a perfectly normal forehead in existence. Time for a new gimmick Mr Cute-as-hell! :)

freakgirl said...

I said, "Cute as hell," bitch! :)

And thanks for the kind words about me. I find it hilarious that you think I have nice should see it right now. Yipes.

I had a wonderful time that day, and I can't wait to go shopping with you again!

Michael said...

I'm sure your skin has its moments, but your face is remarkably unlined, my dear.

When next we shop, be warned, I'm sure I'll gay it up more.

freakgirl said...

Bring on the gay; I can take it.