Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm gonna grab that big brass ring

Ooooh, I’ve never been so happy to be cursed with sleeplessness. I got up last night around 2:30AM and read a little and then tuned into the last of the Australian Open semi-finals. It looked to be a shoot-out, pairing two players who have been on form all week, Tommy Haas and Fernando Gonzalez.Scintillating it was, but a shoot-out it wasn’t, as it was only Gonzo’s guns that were blazing. Haas only managed to put three games up on the board. You heard me. Count me as firmly in FG’s corner for the final against Roger Federer (who enjoyed an equally dominant semifinal victory over Andy Roddick). Federer is a great guy with an incredible game, possibly the best and most complete game there has ever been, but, well, enough already. Go Gonzo! I can't leave you without a parting shot from Herr Haas, though.Sehr gut, ja?

PS It's HAIRCUT DAY! Anyone else get positively giddy about a few hours in the salon?


Jammies said...

"Anyone else get positively giddy about a few hours in the salon?"

Absolutely! I adore the pampering and the styling and leaving with a hairstyle I'll never be able to replicate at home.

Then I go home and the dogs don't care what my hair looks like, they just want milkbones.

Ur-spo said...