Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Start spreadin' the news

Have you seen the new Lifetime dating show Gay, Straight or Taken? yet? I caught it, mostly because my TiVo records anything that has "gay" in it. Or "queer". Or "homosexual", but the only time that one has come up was an episode of All In The Family (Oh, Archie!). Anyway, my sensibilities are FAR from delicate, but I couldn't help but be a little offended by this one. The skinny is the girl has to decide which guy is which. If she picks the "right" one, she gets a dream vacation with him. Pick one of the other two and THEY get the dream vacation with their significant other. So it's not JUST that the gay guy has to pretend to be straight in order to win, but as the chick is waffling on who's who, when she tags a guy as gay, they play a nasty little sound effect. Oh, and I watched two episodes, and in each one the woman apologizes to the straight guy for guessing he's gay. Gay guys get no apologies, of course. PS? Kinda surprising, but I'm ALL OVER figuring this shit out. No, really. I batted 1.000. If it's so offensive, why am I watching again? You tell me.

RE: The post title
I head to NYC tomorrow. Yay! Broadway shows, shopping, running with the gays in Central Park (it's an actual running club), lots of food and drink. And FREAKGIRL! Yes, you heard me. I'm about to meet the very person who tenderly, but firmly introduced me to my first blogging experience. Sing it with me.....it's never....as good as the first time......


The Other Andrew said...

I'm so unbelievably jealous (of both of you) that it's like a hard metallic taste in my mouth. NO FAIR.

This kind of tv shit is so offensive. We had a show here where there was a mix of gay and straight guys all pretending to be straight on a Batchelorette style show. So horrible, it made me want to throw a shoe at the screen and scream "Have you no SELF RESPECT?!" (I have anger issues)

BTW - my guess for the 'mo is the guy on the right. How'd I do?

Michael said...

Not good, bro. Man capris? SO not gay.


One day, with any luck, you and I will give others the hard, metallic taste of jealousy in their mouths. Or something like that.

The Other Andrew said...

Dammit, still looks can be deceiving. (I based it on that he kinda looks similar to a porn star I saw once.)

Hard and metallic! I'm thinking Lee Majors all of a sudden.

maddie said...

So jealous that you get to meet freakgirl (and for that matter, freakgirl gets to meet YOU) and see NYC at the same time! Have the best time and say hi to the city for me!

That show is so offensive on so so many levels. "Hmmm...he's using moisturizer...I'll have to see about him..." God. What is wrong with this country?

By the way, random thought to Michael from about 5 posts ago - yes I did get the song you sent me at Christmas - I just remembered I never thanked you for that. Thanks!!

freakgirl said...

The thought of this show annoys the crap out of me. And you people know that I will watch ANYTHING on television.

Can't wait to meet our Mikey today!

j.go said...

Ummm. You're here and you didn't invite me to meet up in the city? bitch.

Anonymous said...

I got annoyed at this show when I saw the commercials announcing it. Offensive yet stupid. This reality I do NOT need.

You must be watching for the incredible hunks. (Why is it when a man wears something a woman wears, they are suddenly "Man" whatevers? Does this make them more masculine? If a woman wears it, no one calls it a "woman" whatever. I don't get this.)