Sunday, January 28, 2007

Heaven ain't close in a place like this

You know how I'm usually freak giddy and annoyingly sunny when I return from a good long run? Remember how last week I rambled on about it was "just me and the birds and bunnies" or some such nonsense? Well, today when I rang up the birds and bunnies to see if they were gonna join me, they took one look out and said, "Fuck that and fuck you." Even in their bird and bunny voices, it was harsh, but they were right. It was not fit for man or beast out there. As I type this I've just returned from the stubborn six miler. A glance up at the thermometer reveals it's 14F (that's -10C for the rest of the world). With the wind chill, they say it feels like -1F (-18C). I won't quibble. What's that? Yeah, I know it's not even remotely healthful to run in conditions like that, but that's what makes it a pathology, silly. I do feel a certain pride of accomplishment, but I don't have too much pride to admit that there was one section, about a half mile right into the wind with no cover, when I cried. Tears streamed down my face, no question, but because of the iPod/wind/toque I can't be sure if there were audible boohoos. There were no witnesses.


The Other Andrew said...

Be sure and blog your run route BEFORE setting out in future, so if you get lost in a snow drift we know where to send the sniffer dogs.

Michael said...

I wasn't so worried about being lost en-drift as I was about losing the tip of my nose. Or an ear. So fucking cold!

After getting up at 3:30 AM to catch the Australian Open final live, and then doing that bitterly cold run, I've wiled away the rest of the day doing not much of anything. Too tired! Read the local paper, then the NY Times, then my book (Never Let Me Go) and then re-watched "Grey Gardens" for about the fifth time (though this time I did not fashion a bath towel into a head scarf for the viewing) and now I'm watching that BBC production of "The Line of Beauty" which I'd never quite got around to. Not sure why I just gave you the rundown. Rub my feet, pet?

The Other Andrew said...

Sure. Oooh, your toes are cold.


Dude, I think your little toe just fell off.

Ur-spo said...

good for you to keep running in the winter!

S said...

I didn't even want to go out into the cold to drive to the gym!